Zenith tv vcr combo remote codes?

Laurianne Brekke asked a question: Zenith tv vcr combo remote codes?
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👉 Zenith remote codes for a symphonic television?

The zenith universal remote codes to program a symphonic television are 0091, 0053, 0155, and 0126. A universal remote can be used to operate a number of brands of one or more electronic devices.

👉 What are the dish network remote codes for zenith tv?

A few different DISH Network remote codes for your Senith TV that you can try & one should successfully program your remote are, 501, 006, 899, or 585.

👉 What are the codes to program a zenith mbr 3455 universal remote for toshiba tv?

What are the codes to program a zenith mbr3455 universal remote for a zenith DVD player

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The remote codes for a Zenith TV VCR combo vary greatly based on the model of universal remote. Some use 153 and 154, while others use 172.

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Remote control codes for samsung tv?


Remote control codes for tevion tv?

tevion 56295 remote looking for codes for amstrad sky+

Yamaha remote codes for vizio tv?

Vizio 11126

What are the remote codes ofr lg television remote 37lc7d?

what are the codes for a 47LG50 remote control to program DVD,VCR,Comcast

How 2 programm your time warner remote 2 your zenith tv?

You will likely be able to find the instruction manual for your Time Warner Cable remote at: http://www.remotecentral.com

What is the dish network remote code for a zenith tv?

Some codes available for Zenith are: 501, 520, 585, 001, 523, 639, 175, 813, 675

What is the zenith universal remote code for a symphonic tv?

some codes that have worked for me are 520, 904, and 906. Hope this helps got these from:UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL CODE LIST

What is the zenith universal remote code for a visio tv?

Go to Jupiter to find out

Olevia 537h lcd tv universal remote codes?

Such codes are generated by the universal remote manufacturer rather than the TV manufacturer. As such, the actual codes will differ from one remote to another. Regretfully, Olevia TV's (for the most part) use proprietary infrared frequencies. This means that the code for another TV brand will not work with Olevia TV's. If you are looking for a universal remote, Olevia made a learning remote (model RC-LRN). Amergence Technology Inc. sells them for 39.99. They can be reached at 866-965-3842.

Proscan lcd tv codes for comcast remote?

I had the same problem with my proscan 40lc45s and the remote from comcast. I called proscan at 888-977-6722. They were very helpful. Codes 10178, 10029, 10030 and 10019 all worked. Hope this helps

Remote control codes for black diamond tv?

i have at tv brand diamon and i am buy a control , and i am need the code to turn mmy tv on

What's all of sentry remote tv codes?

precesion tv

What are the sanyo tv remote codes for ge universal remote?

Some codes for GE Universal remotes that work with Sanyo TVs are 0097, 0110, 0268, 0108, 0004, 0180, 0049 and 0012. It depends on the model of the TV and the remote which ones will work.

How do you program a sharp television with a zenith universal remote?

You can program a Zenith universal remote control to use with a Sharp TV by entering in one of the following codes. The codes are 1004, 1006, 1012, 1026, 1029, 1095.

How do you reprogram a universal remote control to a zenith tv?

If you have a Zenith television, no remote control can help you.

What are the sharp tv remote codes for a motorola universal remote?

Hi Dear, These are the codes fore sharp TV 011,,034,049,058,181,20,216,226

What are the sharp tv remote codes for a rca universal remote?

The Sharp TV remote codes for a RCA universal remote are either 01 or 02. The exact code will sometimes depend upon the exact model of a person's TV.

Are there universal remote codes for insignia tv?
  • The insignia TV Universal Remote Control has variety of features and the features have been mentioned below, if you use this insignia four device universal remote then the features will be yours.There are different types of universal remote codes for this insignia TV such as three digit codes, four digit codes and also 5 digit codes.
Bell expressvu remote codes for a lg television?

try using the remote search, or try the goldstar codes, they are reported to work

Bell expressvu remote codes for a panasonic television?

bell icon with a line through it

Dish network remote codes for vizio 47 tv?

The top 10 codes for a Vizio TV are 627, 506, 766, 505, 666, 006, 678, 458, 888, 232.

Durabrand tv codes for time warner cable remote?

I have the durabrand du1901 and the code 991 worked for me. 1. turn tv on 2. press tv key on tw remote 3. press and hold setup until led blinks twice 4. press 991 (led should blink twice 5. press power key. (this step actually did not do anything for me) 6. press ch+ repeatedly until tv turns off. ( i pressed the key pretty rapidly for 45 seconds or so) 7. press and hold setup after tv turns off. led should blink twice. done

Emerson jumbo universal remote codes for rca tv?

Can't find the right code for my Emerson jumbo-older RCA TV