Xmp gives me a big boost to fps/gaming, is it safe though?

Rachelle Wehner asked a question: Xmp gives me a big boost to fps/gaming, is it safe though?
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Surprisingly enough XMP gave me a pretty big boost to fps. Project cars maxed used to give me 45 fps on rain. 55 fps lowest now, other games had a big boost as well, bf1 was a lot more stable, less dips. Mine is a z170x gaming 7 from gigabyte, 3400mhz gskill cl16, 6700k. VCCSA voltage had a pretty big jump from 1.068 to 1.298.

VPNs are a gamer’s best friend. Unblock foreign servers, beat throttling, and stay safe while gaming with these VPNs: NordVPN – Best Gaming VPN – NordVPN is the best choice for gaming. Available on PC, routers, and consoles, you’ll enjoy fast speeds free from throttling, plus ready access to geoblocked content all over the world.

A Ryzen 3600 is a ~15% cpu performance boost, but gaming performance will be equivalent right now. If you'd like to just start with the 3600, though, get the B450 Tomhawk MAX motherboard for out-of-the-box compatibility. The 3200 MHz RAM kit is QVL for either motherboard so it has guaranteed XMP compatibility (to run at the listed speed).

CreateProcess () returned 2." Solution: This normally happens when you move the .exe file (even a copy of it) outside of the game's folder. So make sure your .exe is inside of the PreAlpha-0.1 folder. If you want, you can create a shortcut for the launcher. You can place the shortcut anywhere you want.

I have the same gpu on onnlaptop with i5 9300h i have set my settings to dynamic 1080p minimum resolution 80 and max 100 target fps for 45 fps But it still runs at 30 fps with driving around 24-26 fps and indoor around 40 and in gun its around 24-30 idnt know how much it will help

Just the other day, I replaced my RAM from 16GB 3000MHz, to 32GB 3600MHz. I used the Ryzen RAM calculator for both sets, and my FPS in Metro Exodus jumped up by AT LEAST 10 fps on the 1% lows, and ABOUT 12 fps on the average fps. Sure, the jump might not be as massive as it was with Ryzen gen 1 or 1+, but it still has an effect on Ryzen, period.

Gives me Luigi’s Mansion vibes in a very inadvertent way; Is incredibly naive and silly, and it’s so adorable to listen to him get so easily confused in conversation; Rocks out to K.K. Dirge, which is a big mood. Often gets a lot of sympathy from the player and normal villagers, because, well, look at him.

If you have been reloading with a single-stage press, you will find that usage of the Lock-N-Load AP will improve your reloading time significantly. You might ask, “Why is that necessary.” The answer depends on how you value your time. Being able to load 200+ cartridges in an hour is valuable to me.

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the final run: Shifted a lot between the 2700x and the 8700k but went for the 8700k in the end for OC adventure, better gaming, and streaming(streamer side fps) performance, and better resale value. The decision was easier as I was getting it for 25k rather than the 40k price point in India. I got the processor for $340.

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