Xbox 360 is not recognized by hdmi port on sony tv?

Frankie Bode asked a question: Xbox 360 is not recognized by hdmi port on sony tv?
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👉 How to connect xbox 360 to tv without hdmi port?

I'm trying to hook my brothers xbox 360 up for him to a HD tv that he bought in 2007(ish) which DOES NOT have a HDMI port but DOES have a DVI port. Now …

👉 How do i replace a damaged hdmi port in my sony bravia tv?

You cannot simply replace the port, you need to replace the entire mainboard. To access this, you need to remove every single screw on the rear panel of the TV and then pry the back cover off. Below is a link to where you can purchase the Mainboard for your set:

👉 Is sony hdmi tv superior to others?

The Sony HDMI television set is superior to other television sets that do not meet the criteria for an HDMI television set but there are a few televisions that exceed the quality of the Sony HDMI television set.

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Try putting your TV's input on HDMI then switch off your 360 pulg in the HDMI cord then put on the 360. THis should work.

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How to connect laptop without hdmi port to tv?

If your laptop lacks an HDMI port, connecting it to a TV isn't so easy. But it isn't incredibly difficult either. It's all a matter of figuring out which ports …

How to connect ps3 to tv without hdmi port?

There are 4 ways to connect the PS3 to a TV: 1. RCA Composite cables (video + audio left + audio right) 2. RCA Component cables (Video Red + Video Blue + Video …

Where is the hdmi port on my hisense tv?

1. Use an HDMI cable to connect the HDMI output port of the AV device to the HDMI port of the TV. 2. Plug the connected devices into the HDMI port on the TV before switching it on. 3. Using your remote, select the Inputs icon in Home screen and select the corresponding HDMI input. NOTES

Where is the hdmi port on my lg tv?

How to access HDMI Inputs via channel numbers for LG Commercial TV models: 32LV570H 40LV570H 43LV570H 49LV570H 55LV570H 65LV570H 32LV560H 40LV560H 43LV560H 4...

Where is the hdmi port on my magnavox tv?

I have a Samsung TV about 4 years old. I have lost the remotes. I'm trying to install a Magnavox DVD player. The HDMI 1 connects the Direct TV box to the TV. The HDMI 2 connects the Magnavox box to th … read more

Which hdmi port to use on lg 4k tv?

HDMI port types for 4K. For example. in TVs LG lastly 2014 they’re named HDMI ([email protected]) DVI IN (HDCP 2.2, ARC, 10Bit, MHL) What are them, which hdmi port to use for 4k, different hdmi ports? And why they have different names than earlier ports which were known like as HDMI (ARC, STB, DVI, MHL).

How do you play an hdmi bluray on a 1080i tv with no hdmi port?

Use the component connectors instead.

How do i hook up my sony hdmi tv?

There are great videos available on YouTube going through the set up process step by step, along with reviews and tips. For example, this one about a Sony Bravia:

What models of sony widescreen tv has hdmi ports?

In almost all regions around the world, all Sony televisions have HDMI ports. It is fast becoming the standard connector for domestic video equipment and it is getting harder to find any television that does not have an HDMI input. Wherever you choose to purchase a television, the staff or the website will be able to confirm that a specific model has an HDMI port and the number of them. As with any feature that is important, make sure it is available before selecting and buying a television.

How do i fix the hdmi port on my tv?

Method 6: Update or Reinstall your Graphics Driver. It is also possible that you have an outdated or corrupted graphics driver that might have something to do with your HDMI port working issues in certain cases. Upgrading your graphics drivers is often a handy trick to fix the HDMI port issue.

Is there an hdmi output port on an lg tv?

Depends on what you mean by output, what exactly are you trying to output? Many HDTVs have 3 HDMI ports, 2 of them are possibly multi use 1. HDMI (Only)-Only …

What if my tv doesn t have an hdmi port?

Originally Answered: Is there a workaround for a TV monitor that does not have an HDMI port in order to watch Apple TV, which requires an HDMI? You are going to need an HDMI adapter. Every kind of HDMI adapter exists, be it HDMI to component, VGA, coaxial, RCA, etc. You will lose quality using an adapter of that nature but it’s a trade-off.

How do you connect a rgb pc to hdmi tv i have nvidia 8400gs card which have no hdmi port only rgb port?

By RGB, we can assume that this is a VGA port that carries RGB analog signals. HDMI is a fully digital interface so to use this input, a VGA to HDMI converter is required. They are available on line and at some computer and electronics stores and should cost in the region of $30 - $50.

How can you run first addition xbox 360 no hdmi port just componant in 1080p on a samsung lcd hd tv?


How do i connect my sony vaio to my tv hdmi?
  1. Turn off both the Sony Vaio laptop and the HDTV.
  2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI output port on the Sony Vaio laptop.
  3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI input port on the HDTV.
  4. Turn on both the laptop and the TV.
Can i use a roku on my laptop using the hdmi port?

33,265. 1,080. Dec 15, 2017. #3. The HDMI port on a laptop is output only. It won't work with a ROKU. Most anything a ROKU can do, the web browser on your laptop can do. Netflix, Amazon video, etc...

Can you use any hdmi cable to connect computer to tv with hdmi port in both pc and tv?

yes u can but first u should have a LCD or a led TV and both the laptop and the TV should have a hdmi port. and the television should also have the hdmi feature.

Can a hd computer monitor with hdmi port be used as a tv?

As TV and Computers have different ways of displaying the screen information, generally No

Does an hdmi cable work on a crt tv for xbox 360?

CRT screens don't have a port for you to plug in a HDMI cable.

If your apple tv has a female hdmi port and the device you are connecting it to also has an femalehdmi port.?

If your Apple Tv has a female HDMI port and the device you are connecting it to also has an femaleHDMI port.

Why does your xbox 360 not work with your panasonic plasma but works with other tvs via hdmi your friends xbox and your ps3 work with the plasma via hdmi?

because your xbox360 was manufactured between certain monthes between 2008 and 2009

Why is my tv not recognizing my cable box when connected with hdmi cable my tv has 2 hdmi ports and each port works fine with ps3 as do both hdmi cables?

It's probably the cable box it either needs some trouble shooting or changed

Can you stream video using a blu-ray player if the tv has no hdmi port?

Blu-Ray players with internet streaming will play video back through the other ports, although new model players with HDMI outputs will not be able to send high definition video through the component video ports.

What is movie format on sony bravia full hd lcd tv through usb port?

i got it its Mpeg-1 format

What is tvs hdmi?

If you have and HD tv it will have that for hd. however you can't use hd unless you have a hd cable box. HD stands for High Definition