Will tv ads ever go away?

Marielle Beatty asked a question: Will tv ads ever go away?
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TV Ad Revenue Will Rebound in 2021, but the Industry Is Never Going Back to Normal.

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Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt predicted Monday that the future of TV will see the unbundling of cable packages, more personalization of content and an end to TV commercials as we know...

I particularly dislike drug ads that show how life can be wonderful if you take their pills, and car ads that show reckless driving. I've noticed that the commercials on the free Roku channels I watch seem to be drug free for some reason, and it seems like they're shorter.

Advertising on network TV may have been viable long ago, but is no longer relevant. In the immediate future we will see commercial TV become extinct. “Be careful what you wish for” is a scared, old adage of network and ad execs desperately holding...

As viewership shifts away from linear TV and cable TV to digital, this puts a dampener on overall television ad spend, which will remain below pre-pandemic levels through 2024. More television commercials, shifting viewership habits and decreased TV advertising spend doesn’t spell doom and gloom.

“They will freely forsake [the potential for a huge payday] to go somewhere they can really write something they’re going to be proud of,” insisted another panelist, Gary Levine, president ...

It may seem a little deceitful of NBC to offer an ad-free subscription that still comes with ads, but Peacock isn't all that different from other streaming platforms in this regard. Both Hulu and CBS All Access offer similar subscriptions that are ostensibly free of commercials but still include some promotional content. Hulu's website includes a similar disclaimer to Peacock alongside its ad-free subscription option, which once again states that certain shows will still stream with ads ...

Cable TV operators such as Comcast and Charter are also losing video subscribers due to cord-cutting and other reasons. In fact, they’ve been losing them for a longer period of time than satellite. Comcast, for instance, has lost around four million video customers in the last 11 years, although the loss rate has slowed considerably in the last few years.

TV ads have overshot the mark and become too PC when they should be funny. HAVING been ordered to put more black people in ads, the world’s corporations responded well and now the commercial ...

This advert would never work nowadays; the death of the answering machine meant the end of many humiliating mishaps. The sex in this commercial might seem unnecessary, considering they are selling mobile phones, but overall. it's an amusing take on how technology impacts our lives.

The problem was that the FDA required any drug ad to include a full list of possible side-effects, which often took several pages of tiny print. Hard to do that in a TV spot.

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