Will destiny bring back vaulted content?

Kennith Carroll asked a question: Will destiny bring back vaulted content?
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Destiny 2 director Luke Smith has revealed that the next expansion for the game won't bring back any vaulted content. The director revealed as much in a recent interview with PC Gamer, on the eve of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light launch. "Each expansion is going to include a brand-new destination," Smith said.


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👉 Will destiny 2 vault content?

Bungie have confirmed that the DLC Destiny 2: Forsaken will be Vaulted when new content is released, despite the current storyline. Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC includes a narrative that interweaves with that of The Crow, which has led to some surprise reports following the announcement that it will eventually be Vaulted.

👉 Will destiny 2 have more content?

  • Destiny 2 to have much more extra content than Destiny Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg affirms Destiny 2 will have a steady stream of content to keep up with gamers' near-insatiable hunger.

👉 Destiny 2 new light what content?

  • That's right, New Light comes with every planet and hub in Destiny 2, including DLC areas. Those are: the European Dead Zone (EDZ), Nessus, Titan, Io, Mars, the Moon, the Dreaming City, the Tangled Shore, Mercury, and the Tower and Farm social spaces.

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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players; Last 30 Days: 83221.31 +25982.8 +45.39%: 177734: August 2021 57238.51: 4959.26 +9.49%: 177734: July 2021 52279.26

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Are there many Destiny 2 Twitch viewers and is the game still popular on Twitch? Let’s answer all the questions and more (spoiler alert, #2 will surprise you, read on): 1. In February 2021, the daily number of Destiny 2 players was around 1,515,000. (Source: MMO Populations) More than 1,5 million people play Destiny 2 daily in 2021.

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Destiny 2 is one of the Steam most played games of all time. According to the latest Destiny 2 stats, more than 1.5 million people play the game every day in 2021. Destiny 2 is a sci-fi adventure set in a mythical realm where characters meet with enemies and the hostile environment in the form of first-person shooter gameplay.

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