Why isn t my facebook ad delivering?

Maureen Purdy asked a question: Why isn t my facebook ad delivering?
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How to fix the facebook ads not delivering problem

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How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

  • The cost of advertising on Facebook is up to the advertiser. Facebook only requires a minimum ad spend of $1 per day. However, the average small business advertising on Facebook spends around $16 to 32 per day or around $500 to $1,000 per month .

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Facebook Ads Not Delivering Reason #1: Your Ads Have Been Disapproved If your ads have been disapproved, Facebook will send you a notification, with the reason of disapproval, to the email address that you have registered with them.

12 Common reasons your Facebook ads are not delivering 1. Your ad has been disapproved. If you’re experiencing no ad delivery, it may have been rejected. Facebook ensures... 2. Your ad is still in review. Just because you’re ad hasn’t been approved yet, doesn’t mean it’s been denied. Your ad... 3…

Reason #3: Your ad has very bad or low engagement. Facebook has a duty to its users to be sure the environment is engaging and entertaining. For ad campaigns, that means ads with little/no engagement or bad engagement don’t get shown as often as the ones that have lots of positive engagement.

If your Facebook ads aren’t delivering for that reason, time after time, your account is going to be marked as “suspicious”. Facebook then conducts a manual review of every ad that you launch.

But sometimes going straight for conversions might cause the “Facebook ads aren’t delivering” message. This problem usually occurs with new ad accounts (new pixels) which didn’t collect much data yet. In this scenario, Facebook usually isn’t delivering because it doesn’t yet know who is the right person to see it.

If your individual ads are set to Not Delivering, it generally means that some rule at the ad set or ad campaign level is telling the ad not to run. Ad Sets can have schedules or budget limits. Once your ad set reaches that level, any ad within the ad set will be set to Not Delivering.

If you’ve been wondering why your Facebook ads aren’t delivering, read on my friend. We’ve outlined the most common mistakes people make with their Facebook ads and how you can fix them below. A) Your offering is not right for the market Understanding your product, your market and your audience is key to any marketing campaign.

Your Ads have been disapproved; Your account spending limit has been reached; Your image violates the 20% rule; Your bid is too low; Your campaign does not have enough budget; Your optimization goal is hard to reach; Your ads are not relevant to your audience; Your audiences are overlapping; Your ad is stuck in review; Your ad is low quality

Here are the most common reasons your Facebook Ads aren’t delivering fully, or aren’t spending their whole budget! Problem #1: Running conversion ads without enough data When you pick a conversion-focused ad, you are going to specify in your ad set the action that you want Facebook to optimize your money for.

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