Why is the hostgator icon not showing on my website?

Watson Rath asked a question: Why is the hostgator icon not showing on my website?
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  • So in your Hostgator package or plan, this is set default by the company. No one can want to show the Hostgator icon on their website. Every individual has their website so they want their unique icon show as per their choice. That’s why you will require to change or remove the Hostgator icon.


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👉 Does hostgator backup my website?

HostGator's automatic backup service runs once a week on a random day, and each run overwrites any previous backups. Only one week of backups is kept at a time. The terms of our backup policy vary depending on the type of hosting account. HostGator backups are provided as a courtesy and are not guaranteed.

👉 Does hostgator website builder include email?

  • Other website related tools offered by HostGator include email tools (mailing lists, autoresponders, spam and virus filters, etc.), SEO and marketing tools, security tools (IP deny manager, password protect directories, etc.), Google Analytics, plus so much more.

👉 Hostgator how to delete wordpress website?

  • Find the select all tab towards the top of the page and select it. You will see the delete tab to the left of the select all tab. Click delete to proceed with deleting WordPress from Hostgator. Next, in our how to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator tutorial you want to go back to the Hostgator cPanel page.

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Why does hostgator take my website offline?
  • It just took the websites offline due to a "CPU resource" issue. The issue is WordPress was updating itself, which apparently HostGator cannot handle. This is the third time in a month you've done this. That's not acceptable. @MatthewKeysLive @HostGator I'm currently a HostGator customer whose websites are offline across the board.
Can you change icon of website?
  • Right-click the shortcut, and select “Properties.” In Properties, make sure you’re on the Shortcut tab for an application shortcut, then click the “Change Icon” button. (If the shortcut points to a web page instead of an application, look in the “Web Document” tab, then click the “Change Icon” button.)
How add telegram icon to website?

How do I link my website to telegram?

  • By clicking on “Edit profile” you will find the link associated with your account, and in this way you will be able to link any element of your website (a button, an image, a Telegram icon in the contacts section or any call-to-action) to the opening of a chat on Telegram.
How to make website logo icon?

How do I create a logo for my website?

  • Simply log in, search for logos on the home page and click on a blank page or template to get started. Choose a professional template. Browse through Canva’s massive library of logo templates to customize for your own. Find logo layouts for various businesses and needs like gaming, food and drink, sports and more. Customize your logo design.
How to save website icon chrome?

How to create a desktop shortcut with Google Chrome

  1. Navigate to your favorite page and click the ••• icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select More tools.
  3. Select Create shortcut.
  4. Edit the shortcut name.
  5. Click Create.
Is there an icon for website?

Android devices

This also works for any website, but if no favicon is provided, a generic icon is used… Android also support Web Manifest files, which make it possible to integrate web sites deeper with the system.

What icon to use for website?
  • Simply put, a favicon is your website logo that appears next to the meta title on your browser tab. In other words, instead of showing a blank document icon on the browser, your website will display your official website icon. Most websites usually use their logo as a favicon.
What is the icon for website?

A favicon or website icon is a small symbol that is displayed in web browsers like Google Chrome on the tab of the website or in bookmark and favorites lists. A good favicon can help people to find your website when they have multiple tabs open and reinforce your brand.

Why is my website showing err_connection_reset?

One of the most common reasons for the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error is that a proxy server has been defined in the internet settings and this is blocking the connection setup. This can be entered automatically by plugins or add-ons that you have added to your browser.

Why my website is showing dangerous?

It's possible that someone has found, what is commonly known as, a backdoor to your website, and exploits it to evade your website's security… Malware might have also spread on your website. The bad news is, Google will recognize your website as suspicious and unsafe, then flag or display a warning screen on it.

Can you build your own website with hostgator?
  • HostGator provides you with a website builder that allows you to easily setup a website in a matter of minutes. If you have a shared hosting plan through HostGator, then this service is included for free with your hosting package. There are a variety of templates to choose from within the site builder.
Can you host a moodle website on hostgator?
  • You can host your Moodle site with Hostgator’s Linux Shared Hosting. Hostgator promises of a lightning fast website with an intuitive control plan, with their hosting plans. Their claims of a lightning fast website with an intuitive control plan are well supported by the customer reviews available on their website.
How do i host a website on hostgator?
  • You can go to HostGator and sign up for a web hosting account. For a detailed step-by-step guide, check out how to start a website from scratch. If you already have a website, the next step is to choose a reseller hosting plan from HostGator. Go to HostGator and choose a reseller hosting plan.
How do i optimize my website for hostgator?
  1. Optimize Your Images…
  2. Do a Plugin Purge.
  3. Ensure Your Site Scripts Are Up to Date.
  4. Make Use of CDNs.
  5. Enable Browser Caching.
  6. Turn On Gzip Compression.
  7. Keep CSS files at the Top and Javascript at the Bottom.
  8. Reduce Http Requests.
How do i reset my hostgator website theme?
  • Select Edit Site. Click the Hamburger Menu button in the upper left-hand corner of your dashboard. (The 3 Horizontal lines) Search for, and select: Reset Template. Click Reset to confirm and reset the theme and clear out the work you have completed so far. If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us via phone or chat.
How do i restore my website on hostgator?

Restore a Home Directory Backup

A home directory backup can be restored in cPanel, in the same place where the backup was created. Log into cPanel. In the Files section, click on the Backup icon. Under Partial Backups, navigate to the Restore a Home Directory Backup, click on the Choose File button.

How do i transfer my website to hostgator?

You can either transfer your site over yourself, or you can take advantage of our website content transfer service. HostGator offers FREE content transfers (content migrations) for new accounts and accounts that are being upgraded that require a server move, within 30 days of signup or upgrade.

How do i unpublish my website on hostgator?
  • If you wish to hide your website from the search engines while you make various changes to your website, you can do so by following these steps: Once you have logged into your HostGator account, select the Site Actions button. Select Unpublish Your Site. Click Confirm.
How to build a website with hostgator hosting?
  • 1. Use HostGator’s Site Builder. HostGator provides you with a website builder that allows you to easily setup a website in a matter of minutes. If you have a shared hosting plan through HostGator, then this service is included for free with your hosting package. There are a variety of templates to choose from within the site builder.
How to get website up and running hostgator?
  • To get your website up and working, you will need to change the Name Servers of your domain. It’s a simple but mandatory step for you to get started. Go to your Domain Control Panel via http://manage.hostgator.in/customer. Enter your registered email address and password.
How to make a secure website using hostgator?

Do you need SSL certificate to host HostGator?

  • At HostGator, we also take website security seriously, but most importantly, we want to make it easy for you to be secure. All HostGator web hosting packages come with a free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will be automatically applied to your account, but you do need to take a few steps to install the free SSL certificate on your website.
Is hostgator the best for hosting a website?
  • Flexible Hosting. The Cloud setup is slightly more expensive than the shared HostGator web hosting offering,but you get what you pay for.
  • Good Statistics Right Out of the Box. The power to manage the resources of your site is only meaningful if you actually know what it consumes.
  • Intuitive Interface…
  • Superb Network Infrastructure…
  • Potent Servers…