Why is linux hosting cheaper than windows?

Ramon Bashirian asked a question: Why is linux hosting cheaper than windows?
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Also, Windows is quite expensive as well. This has an indirect implication that Linux Hosting is cheaper than Windows Hosting. The reason is that Linux is a more fundamental, basic software, which requires a rather advance skill set and knowledge to manage the server.

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In the following section, the cost factor of the Linux and Windows servers will be discussed along with their overall features, which will help to answer which is cheaper and why. Now the cost value of hosting server depends on a lot of factors.

Most of the new customers who want to purchase web hosting services go for linux hosting as it is cheaper than its counterpart. There are many web hosting providers giving linux hosting and windows hosting services, but most of

The hosting company will then pass that cost on to you, making Windows hosting a bit more expensive than Linux. Linux is completely open-source and it’s free. You’ll only be paying for the hardware and services when you get a Linux hosting, not for a Windows license.

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