Why duplicate ad sets in facebook?

Jerome Dach asked a question: Why duplicate ad sets in facebook?
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Split testing facebook ads - duplicating ad sets & ads

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Duplicate! Duplicating your best performing historical ad sets into new campaigns allows you to create a framework based on objectives and targeting that has already produced results for you in the past.

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How to duplicate a facebook ad for another ad set

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Ad duplication affects the following ad features: Dynamic creative:Ads generated with dynamic creative can be duplicated. However, you can’t apply dynamic creative to any duplicate ads that were not initially generated with dynamic creative. Automatic placements:Ads that use automatic placements can be duplicated.

Key takeaways. Click on "Duplicate" when highlighting over a Facebook ad, ad set, or campaign to duplicate it. You can try duplicating an ad set if it's not delivering to see if that fixes it. Duplicating a well-performing ad set is a technique advanved advertisers use to scale ad spend.

Duplicate an ad from your main page or side pane: Following the duplication flow you can copy multiple ads or ad sets into a single campaign or duplicate multiple campaigns. Duplicate ads using copy and paste: Using the Ctrl C and Ctrl V shortcut you can duplicate multiple ads into multiple ad sets, or multiple ad sets into multiple campaigns ...

If a specific ad doesn’t get delivery because it’s in the same ad set with another ad that gets all the reach, they duplicate it to force delivery. Duplicate a high performing ad set or campaign to extend performance and spend. The fear that if they increase their campaign budgets too quickly, performance will suffer.

Everytime i go to duplicate a ad set it refreshes in the middle of me editing my new ad set and then the duplicate disappears! An error message then comes up saying "#2 services are unavailable right now."

Let’s say I have the following ad which has a lot of social proof tied to it and I want to duplicate the ad set to target a different audience. In this example I am targeting Instagram audiences but works the same on facebook. Normally, you would select the ad set and click the Duplicate button.

There are two ways to do split testing with Facebook Ads. One is to create the test when first setting up your campaign. The second is to duplicate ad sets o...

Any new placements that have become available since your original ad was created will now be available to your new duplicate ads. Customized creative per placement : When you duplicate your ad you have the option to carry over its existing engagement.

Someone asked the other day how they could duplicate a Facebook ad for a different ad set. Here's a step by step video showing you how to do that. Thanks for...

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Facebook ads tutorial 2021 - how to create facebook ads for beginners (complete guide)