Why do ppl like vore?

Damaris Williamson asked a question: Why do ppl like vore?
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Why do people like vore?


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Hard vore, on the other hand, usually involves the idea of a person being chewed and swallowed, and is often a more graphic or visceral fantasy. In some cases, hard vore descriptions or depictions include being digested and enduring a longer or more painful process after they are devoured. In these more graphic fantasies, the flesh is often ...

Because they like to see people suffer and (most of the time be swallowed whole)by the following : snakes,monsters,sharks,plants,and very rare is a t-rex vore.so,PEOPLE MAKE VORE VIDEOS TO SEE ...

Some people enjoy "soft vore" which doesn't have the implications of death and via digestion, otherwise the vore is often referred as "hard vore" wich may include but is not exclusive to, scat, digestion, gore (biting the victim or x-ray digestion). Maw/mouth play is also a thing, where the subject (the prey) gets toyed in or around the mouth ...

i can agree to this a lot but i was never lonely, i do have many friends but none of them know, i like Soft and Hard vore and i am a small fan of partial digestion but full is kind of a meh for me. anyway you see the reason i like it is A. it is a very interesting Concept, B. i find it enjoyable and C. i feel that for humans and some creatures it could be a way to connect or keep one safe ...

People interested in urophilia—also known as golden showers or water sports—enjoy urinating on their partners, being urinated on, or both. About 9 percent of men have this interest, research...

Just gonna copy and paste an answer from an AMA I did, like the lazy bastard I am. "For many people, it's a sexual thing, but for a minority of vore fans, including myself, don't have any sexual interest. I've been into it since I was pretty young. Like 7-ish." "This answer is gonna require a bit of background information.

As someone who is a huge fan of listening to gory stories, watching gory content, etc., I think I know where you’re coming from. Since age 10, I’ve been very attracted to gory content. At the time, I had discovered an anime horror rpg game by the ...

So why do people sexually abuse children? There are a number of potential reasons. Some people who have been sexually abused as children will go on to become offenders.

Top Ten Most Disturbing Fetishes. There are several sick human beings with their fetishes. Some of them are strange, disgusting and just plain god awful. The Top Ten. 1 Pedophilia. This is the worst fetish to have. If you are sexually attracted to children, turn yourself into a mental ward or the police station. Absolutely disgusting.

Do you like to masturbate while having sex? vote votes. Yes, I can't enjoy sex without it. vote votes. Every now and then. vote votes. Nope, I never masturbate during sex.

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People like dragon vore i guess