Why do ppl hate carmax?

Emmitt Eichmann asked a question: Why do ppl hate carmax?
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Dealers will always low-ball your trade-in by at least $2000 after negotiating the best price for a new car. This is the time that you present the Carmax appraisal giving the dealer no choice. This is also the reason many dealers hate Carmax.

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BMW's are so overrated, and they always have issues. carmax sells a lot of these European vehicles, and many customers are bringing them back. Sounds like a monopoly, carmax is selling vehicles that need repairs, and then carmax screws the customer again when service is done! People, wake the *** up!!

I would never recommend carmax at Plano Parkway in Plano. They do not keep their word. My mother test drove a vehicle and placed it on hold. Sales person said the card would be on hold for a couple of days. We were going to pay cash but were needing my sister on site since there was going to be two owners on the vehicle title. We called back a ...

If you think about it, carmax DID attempt to resolve the issue, you try doing that at any other used car lot and they'll just laugh at you, you signed and drove away, goodbye and good riddance. Carmax does sell hundreds of thousands of cars a year, not every single one is expected to be pristine. Think about that one

Don't Get Sucked Into The CarMax Marketing Machine. Tom McParland. 7/20/15 9:43AM. 272. 30. Oh, Carmax. You might not have the best deals on used cars, but you have some damn good marketing. So ...

This is why I left CarMax. Their 125 point inspection, I speculate, were not always followed by those inspecting the vehicles since many vehicles had mechanical and cosmetic issues. The Reps hired 4 years ago seemed like quality employees, but the new hires seem like they were recruited directly from a welfare line.

If any potential customer does any sort of activity from the main website Carmax will split the sales consultants commission in half and claim that the sale was generated remotely. This deeply affects the sales consultants earnings because of course you are going to look online before just going somewhere and taking a gamble.

I am not going to lie to you - I thought of them in a bad way when I first heard of them. There is no point in saying that I never hated them, but I feel the need to say that I never send them any hate comment. I only had my opinion about them in ...

One last thing., The sales consultant is responsible for presenting the financing to the customer we tout that the customer sees the interest rates and finance results at the same time they do. What they don't see is the fact that CarMax marks the interest rate up two to three points before it's delivered to the customer for approval.

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Your statement is somewhat true but rental cars arent well maintained. Ppl drive them rough. Im glad you arent tripping. I feel the same way about cars but have you considered leasing you can get always have a new car for cheap. I cant do that because i may be looking at a 60 mi commute 1 way.

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