Why do ppl go to raves?

Mayra Smitham asked a question: Why do ppl go to raves?
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👉 What do ppl wear to raves?

Ravers today prefer sleek halter tops and cute bralettes over the classic rave bra, the strappier the better. Strappy bottoms and bottoms with cut outs are seen at festivals everywhere. It seems that raver’s newfound love for strappy and lace up everything comes from the influence of street fashion on festival wear.

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The types of people you'll meet at a rave

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But why do people want to go to raves during a pandemic? The risk of serious illness from the spread of coronavirus was not enough to stop 6,000 people gathering at two raves in Manchester. At ...

I guess making connection with ppl outside the rave is really important to having the opportnity to experiance the real community of the rave itself. It seems that simply going to a rave doesn't allow immediate connection but that realtionships take time to develop and it's this outside warmth of freindships that are expressed through the rave.

3 Answers. They are used because they are a good way to protect the teeth and the inside of your mouth (and they are the most comfortable and enjoyable method too) due to the effects of the drugs used to enhance the rave experience called E, or extacy or mdma or what is called “roll in “.

Let's go back to the 1980s - when acid house arrived from America. A new cultural movement spread across the country. By the early 90s, raves were huge events with thousands of people.

A new study finds that use of illegal drugs other than marijuana was about 20 percent higher among teenagers who attend raves, compared to those who don’t. In addition, those who go to raves ...

Raves are a chance for you to go wild and dress as crazy as you like. So many women like to wear body stickers to complement their outfits. As you might expect, many stickers are glow-in-the-dark just like rave clothing, so they shine brightly, even if you’re raving through the night.

History Origin of 'rave' (1950s–1970s) In the late 1950s in London, England the term "rave" was used to describe the "wild bohemian parties" of the Soho beatnik set. Jazz musician Mick Mulligan, known for indulging in such excesses, had the nickname "king of the ravers". In 1958, Buddy Holly recorded the hit "Rave On", citing the madness and frenzy of a feeling and the desire for it never to ...

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