Why do ppl get their names tattoed in rune?

Saul Romaguera asked a question: Why do ppl get their names tattoed in rune?
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I have my first name tattooed on my left forearm. When I worked at the psych hospital I worked on a forensic unit. My patients were almost all felons and a good amount of them were murderers. Sometimes my patients were found not guilty by reas...

People get tattoo out of various reasons, however, all the reasons are connected to one common cause--the past experience of a individual! Anyone who gets a tattoo does it in a mental state that is created by a subjective experience . The experien...

Why People Get Tattoos ... understand why college students would choose to get or not get a tattoo, as well as their perceptions surrounding the practice. In order to investigate these questions ...

The influence of the runes on their time was undeniable. Elliott writes that the tribal leaders and advisers of Anglo-Saxon England called their consultations, which they held in secret meetings, "Runes". As Bishop Wulfila translated the Bible into fourth century Gothic, he used in Markus 4, 11 ("you are given the knowledge about the secret of the kingdom of God") for the word runa "secret". From the beginning, the runes also had a ritual function, for divination and invocation of higher ...

There are stupid tattoos of boyfriend’s names, kids, forgettable moments on Saved By The Bell, and pretty much every tattoo listed here. So why are people getting awful ink? According to a psychologist, it’s to fit in and because we’re all afraid to die. “I’m interested mostly in what you’d call ‘the anthropology of self-esteem and identity,'” Dr. Kirby Farrell, a University of Massachusetts professor specializing in anthropology, psychology, and history told Vice. “So I ...

We all know It's wrong to judge people by the color of their skin -- even when a person's face is a rainbow swirl of green, violet, orange and pink. Still, an outrageous face tattoo sparks a simple question. Why? For some, it's all about the money. For others, it's a personal statement. Then there are a few who will just keep you guessing. Whatever the reason may be, these nine folks have got some serious facial ink. BILLY GIBBY. Human billboard Billy Gibby is feeling a bit of buyer's ...

In fact, women are far more likely to get a tattoo removed than men. In 2006, a dermatologist named Myrna L. Armstrong at the Texas Tech University Health Services Center polled 196 women who were getting their tattoos removed. She asked the reasons for why they got the tattoo in the first place, and why they decided to remove it. The #1 answer ...

Also, many people get their first tattoo on a whim when they're drunk - spring break and the like. And often they do exactly what you're never supposed to do: have your sweethearts name tattooed on yourself. So within a year they have to go back and try to have it covered up with another design, usually something bigger and bolder to fully conceal the bad decision. I can imagine in a small percentage of the populace, it can just grow from there. In the last couple of years it's finally ...

MOST women will do anything so they are not accused of sporting a camel toe. But a new tattoo trend is seeing them ink one on their body – quite literally! However, the bizarre new craze isn&…

Although I do agree that some tattoos may be slightly slutty or inappropriate, men also get inappropriate tattoos. And the way that this article is talking about women is disgusting, like just because of their choice in tattoo makes them easy to get into bed. I know several women who have tattoos in the pelvic region, who are the most respectable people I have ever met. So, in case I somehow haven’t got my point across, stop judging people because of the design/ placement of a tattoo ...

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12 tips on how to name your characters

  • Keep the time period of your story and your character's age in mind…
  • Make sure your characters' names fit their ethnic background…
  • Pick a name that fits the character's personality…
  • If you want, pay attention to a name's meaning…
  • Avoid giving several characters similar names.
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ColoredAnvils is a plugin that allows players to add color to item names through the use of anvils. It's very simple to use (ready to go unless you want to enable permissions). It can also be very configurable with the use of permissions for each color/format. Great for an EULA-compliant donor perk, or just a great added server mechanic.

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store-different-datatypes-in-one-numpy-array another page including a nice solution of adding name to an array which can be used as column Example: r = np.core.records.fromarrays ( [x1,x2,x3],names='a,b,c') # x1, x2, x3 are flatten array # a,b,c are field name. Share. edited Mar 31 '18 at 16:18.

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