Why do ppl get the minion nodes poe?

Juliet Becker asked a question: Why do ppl get the minion nodes poe?
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Video answer: The little documented minion/aura nodes

The little documented minion/aura nodes


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👉 Are minion considered ap or ad?

AP TF is much cleaner and easier to play. The differences: AP had easier wave clear, you one shot the caster minions at level 9. AD TF never can one shot them. AP combo/fight style is much easier, use your stun, Q, throw an auto or two, and wait for CDs again.

👉 Are minion hits ap or ad?

As if 400 stacks by 20 minutes wasn’t enough, Riot is amping up the old dog’s scaling by doubling the amount of stacks he gets on certain targets, according to the latest PBE update. After the change hits, Nasus will receive 12, not six, stacks from large monsters, large minions, and champions.

👉 Are minion hits ap or ad figure?

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Video answer: Make crazy currency from delve minion nodes

Make crazy currency from delve minion nodes

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Minions are allied monsters summoned by the player. Minions have their own damage and their actions are treated completely separate from the summoner's. Minion damage is affected by Minion Damage passive skills, some unique items, support gems linked to the minion skill gem, auras and Necromantic Aegis. Of particular note, support gems will support the attacks and spells of the minion if the ...

Spiritual Aid makes minion damage global damage--so you can easily get minion damage nodes and all of that will work on your totems, melee attacks, melee, you name it. It's an OP node. level 2. Original Poster 1 point · 2 years ... for live build/POE discussion and question answers, feel free to ask in the various question channels on the Path ...

The easiest way to get Minion accuracy is either through the new Minion accuracy nodes that will be in the skill tree in 3.4, ... get more resources and poe orbs.

This is why harvest was so popular in 3.13. people could watch a video, find out how it works, and now they have steps to look for when it comes to player power. Each day they can work towards the next step In their goals, even if it's just something simple and hitting the right augment cold or annull lightning.

1. We don't take the offering nodes in ascendancy so they can't realise their true potential. 2. Convocation is the key to longevity of this build. The biggest con to minion builds is almost always going to be the play style -- you sit back letting minions do every thing for you. Some people find that tremendously boring.

Do auras apply the same to every minion, say srs/spectres. Do auras such as purity’s increase minions res by such an amount where my friend doesnt have to pickup the minion res nodes on his tree. For the ascendent’s guardian passive does the phys reduction also apply to the minions. If anyone had answers for this we would highly appreciate it.

Occultist probably isn't difficult to fix as all her nodes are good and interesting except Vile Bastion (Which should be unnerfed) and Forbidden Power (Which has no synergy with the rest of her kit). The big problem with Elementalist is its simply too outdated in design; all existing Ascendancies even Berserker and Assassin ( Especially Assassin now with Elusive) have some balance of offense with defense.

third .. dont use summones and a spell .. at some point you will figure out that freezing pulse makes no damage any more and is just useless, because your whole skilltree is built around minions .. and not spells .. of course you still use and active skill and not just watch your zombies do the work .. u use temporary summons in that cas .. "summone skeleton" as tanks if you struggle .. and/or "summone raging spirit" .. both will get full benefints from your skilltree .. a spell like ...

The Deadeye gives bonuses to projectiles with weapons such as bows, wands, daggers, and claws. The Pathfinder gives extra bonuses for extra chaos damage modifiers as well as flask bonuses. Really benefits for poison type builds additionally. The Raider gets a ton of frenzy charges, Onslaught, and tons of evasion.

Your passive tree grabs some minion skills and then you also run bone offering, but I don’t understand why. Really loving this build just hit level 50 and have my tabula only issue I’m having is elemental resistance but this thing murders bosses. No minions here. The tree takes Spiritual Aid, which makes minion damage nodes affect you.

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Support minions build guide in 3.13 ritual league