Why do ppl get controlling?

Rebeka Casper asked a question: Why do ppl get controlling?
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Why are people controlling?


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Are you a controlling person? you might be surprised!

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There are various reasons why some people try to control others, and sometimes these are difficult to figure out. Some potential causes of controlling behavior are: low self-esteem; being micromanaged or controlled by someone else; traumatic past experiences; a need to feel in-control; or a need to feel ‘above’ someone else..

These people tend to control and dominate on each and every aspect of your life, constantly criticize you when you wish to take a stand on your own, are overprotective and jealous of your social life or achievements, especially those which make you happy in a way that was not ‘advised’ by the controlling personality.

Controlling people try to control others or situations. They may do so out of anxiety because they worry that if they do not maintain control, things will go wrong. Others adopt controlling ...

Patricia Evans, author of Controlling People, says a controlling personality begins when one of the four functions are blocked, which leads to poor self-understanding and a blindness to one’s behavior. Once a guy loses a connection with himself, which formed his reality, control is pursued in the exterior world.

When people control you, they “make up” your reality, as Evans puts it. They don’t respect you the way you are . They want to change you, make you different, more similar to the image they ...

Controlling people are folks who need to impose their views and worldview on the people around them -- including you! Here are five clues to their behavior. Don't call into these traps yourself!

Controlling people often do not have close friends, and rarely are friends with others who are more attractive, intelligent, or well-liked than themselves. They tend to be jealous of popular, successful people, and will criticize those held in high-regard by others.

Controlling people are often excited by power struggles. A controlling person will want nothing more than to rope others into an argument that's likely to go nowhere. They have a need to feel like they're winning. To avoid giving them this satisfaction, refrain from getting into a power struggle with them.

A caring partner will give you space when you are busy or out with friends. But a controlling partner will text you more when he/she feels like you are in a situation that threatens the relationship; situations such as going to a bar with friends or at a social gathering. The controlling partner will reach out under the disguise of missing you.

Birth control doesn't just let you have sex without getting pregnant. For many, it lets you control your reproductive health, treat debilitating symptoms, and even improve your quality of life.

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