Why do ppl get aggressive deflections paid?

Giovanna Block asked a question: Why do ppl get aggressive deflections paid?
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👉 Why do ppl get aggressive deflections back?

This can be from repression. Repression, or repressed memories, are thought to be a cause of deflection. If you saw a parent deflect their behavior onto you or other family members, and you then practice deflection, it may be from regression. Regression is where someone gets stuck in immature thought patterns.

👉 Why do ppl get aggressive deflections for a?

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👉 Why do ppl get aggressive deflections in basketball?

Developing aggressive and smart basketball defense is an important part of the process. One stat that is rarely kept but that you and your coaching staff should be tracking this season is deflections.

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Deflection, by definition, is a Narcissistic Abuse tactic used to frustrate and psychologically control the mind and emotions of a targeted victim. Deflecting an argument by refusing to engage with the subject matter at hand is an age-old trick Cluster B people use on others and strive to teach their offspring to enjoy as a conversational game ...

Deflection in conversations is a psychological defense in which someone blames you for something they are at fault for. This defense mechanism may look like you bringing up that a person hurt your feelings. A deflective person would say, “Well maybe you’re too sensitive,” or, “It’s not my fault you are insecure.”.

There is almost no way they get the EPS high enough so that the current dividend is only 60-65% of that, so a cut seems unavoidable based on their own guidance. That said, even with a cut to $1.33 ...

As it applies to our conversation today, deflection is when something someone communicates causes someone to feel triggered and as a result, instead of taking it in, they either ignore, deny or turn away from it. Or worse, turn it back towards the other person. This is done to avoid painful memories and painful emotions and painful thoughts ...

Aggressive jabs disguised as jokes. Covert narcissists enjoy making malicious remarks at your expense. These are usually dressed up as “just jokes” so that they can get away with saying appalling things while still maintaining an innocent, cool demeanor.

As for why some people don’t seem to get hangovers…a lot of it comes down to genetics, says Shapiro. “They’re able to break down the byproducts, genetically and metabolically, so that it ...

The pecking-order logic of insults means that if the recipient is shamed, then the insulter rises in status relative to the victim: The insulter is the one doing the pecking rather than getting ...

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I’m in the same boat myself, to be honest. However, shyness is often seen as insecurity and weakness when it’s manifested as anxious-looking nonverbal gestures like crossed arms or feet, fidgeting, slouching, and grimacing (or at least lacking a smile). This is most likely why people view you as weak or inferior.

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