Why do ppl flame junglers live?

Beverly Sipes asked a question: Why do ppl flame junglers live?
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👉 Why do ppl flame junglers?

i feel ya bro. as a plat jungle main always getting flamed 247. ive given up ranked because or it. Ither u dont gank enough, u gank to much, dont take my cs, dont push do push, dont take the my kills etc etc. as a jungle main i like to think i know when its a good time to push a lane out or not. when to tax a lane a little when not to ect. they never take into account maby your a jungler that ...

👉 Why do ppl flame junglers cut?

General DiscussionWhy do ppl hate jungling … i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , feeding …

👉 Why do ppl flame junglers go?

Why do ppl hate jungling in General Discussion. Yunyun… Because most of the time junglers are picked at wrong situation, played with wrong playstyle, ... i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , ...

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Do not be discouraged by a bad play and the flame of your team mates. By clicking ignore or typing “/mute (player name)” in chat you can get rid of that toxic player’s talking. This feature doesn’t mute pings, so if that person chills out and starts playing with the team you can see that when they ping things that are important for the ...

Jungle has many popular champs such as lee, viego, kayn, kha. As a jungler you have the most ability to impact the entire game from the start and the pressure of being outjungled or flamed by your team is immense. The role is also very PvE which is also why it is a lot less popular than laning which forces you to interact with an enemy champion.

Flamingos are very social birds; they live in colonies whose population can number in the thousands. These large colonies are believed to serve three purposes for the flamingos: avoiding predators, maximizing food intake, and using scarcely suitable nesting sites more efficiently.

5 Most Fun-To-Play Junglers. 1. Kha’Zix. For many people, Kha’Zix is a synonym for the jungle role. He’s been an iconic pick season after season and has rarely been considered a weak champion. Sure, the tank meta from a couple of years back didn’t quite suit his assassination playstyle, he’s found success even then.

People die 1vs1 and flame to jungler. Jungler gank laner and jungler gets a kill-Laner: Why you didnt let me get that? Ok im feeding. Ppl start flame,jungler mute chat. This time harash you with pings, Jungler have to mute pings aswell.-HOLD MY LANE-GIVE ME BLUE. YOU DON'T? Okay time to clear all of your jungle camps.-Jungler: Hey guys lets do ...

5 Best Ranged Junglers in League of Legends Season 11. 1. Nidalee. If you’re wondering who is the absolute best ranged jungler in LoL, the answer is Nidalee. Nidalee is a self-sufficient champion, able to do all kinds of things on Summoner’s Rift. She’s fast, mobile, and can easily escape her enemies or chase them down.

Imma be real with this post, i can't bear no more this situation i live in 70% of my games, i feel conditioned by what teammates can think about me and everytime a teamfight, a normal play, a trade in lane, a gank everything arrives i just do shit so i feel a bad player, i dont want to blame the flame that these people make but, idk being flamed just makes me feel bad, amd into everygame i ...

step 1. Understand how to play the lane. This lane isn't you win lane or you don't. It's you lose lane or you don't. Very rarely, I see a melee top lane with the exception of champs like Camille, riven, and irelia win lane vs any ranged top lane. You need to survive lane, then start coming back into the game.

Ppl are weird... Someone I get blamed by 6/14 adc as 12/8 jungler. I even get help from enemies to defend myself in all chat after match. Its ridiculous. Ppl flame each other for inting when its obvious that enemy win by a fluke.

People who thinks AP Yi is OP should try playing with Soraka support, dat silence screws him over so bad. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. User Info: WeLikeSportz. WeLikeSportz 8 years ago #10. because our skills are inferior. Boards. League of Legends.

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