Why do ppl flame junglers go?

Gwendolyn Weber asked a question: Why do ppl flame junglers go?
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Video answer: Hashinshin feeds, flames his jungler and goes afk

Hashinshin feeds, flames his jungler and goes afk


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👉 Why do ppl flame junglers?

i feel ya bro. as a plat jungle main always getting flamed 247. ive given up ranked because or it. Ither u dont gank enough, u gank to much, dont take my cs, dont push do push, dont take the my kills etc etc. as a jungle main i like to think i know when its a good time to push a lane out or not. when to tax a lane a little when not to ect. they never take into account maby your a jungler that ...

👉 Why do ppl flame junglers cut?

General DiscussionWhy do ppl hate jungling … i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , feeding …

👉 Why do ppl flame junglers live?

Do not be discouraged by a bad play and the flame of your team mates. By clicking ignore or typing “/mute (player name)” in chat you can get rid of that toxic player’s talking. This feature doesn’t mute pings, so if that person chills out and starts playing with the team you can see that when they ping things that are important for the ...

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Hector's top 5 jungle tricks to climb out of low elo!

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Why do ppl hate jungling in General Discussion. Yunyun… Because most of the time junglers are picked at wrong situation, played with wrong playstyle, ... i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , ...

WHY DO PEOPLE FLAME? Getting angry when something doesn’t work out is human nature. Do not be discouraged by words which mean nothing in the real world. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”. If you listen to this proverb and stay cool even when everyone is flaming you, you will be alright.

Why do people always blame the jungler!? ... I'm an adc and even /i/ know its not the junglers job to WIN your lane, snowball it ? yes… a lot lately and i know that if im fucking up my lane I just tell the jungler to stay on top of dragon/scuttle or to go snowball bot lane if i know for sure they have potential to do so. 1. Share. Report Save.

Its obvious from the above illustration that gravity has a role to play. However, one can't help but wonder why a flame would go upwards where there is strong gravitation pull like on earth and remain spherical where there is no gravity like on a space station (Is there really no gravitational pull in space?The answer is buoyancy.

Why do people get so salty in ARAM over you not knowing how to play a champion? Sometimes I get a champion I only know the basic with and people either flame you or make fun of you. Do you people not realize I didn't choose that champion? it's called all RANDOM all mid.

Your botlane is flaming you for feeding their laner… piece was to share some of the frustrations that top laners can face and not to complain about certain top laners or junglers, ... And why don’t more ppl use her top. You cannot beat a good Vayne 1v1 as most melees, only if you get help from jungler or if shes bad.

If ur calls go well, ppl will start to acknowledge ur authority, they will start to listen. If your performance on the other hand is poor, all ur calls fail. At that point ur authority will be=0 and the team will be a unrambled pack of monkeys running around just waiting for someone from the enemy team to man-up and do some calls, or slowly but securely let the team with the better scaling ...

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