Why do ppl flame junglers?

Alexys West asked a question: Why do ppl flame junglers?
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Why flaming your jungler can lose you elo


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General DiscussionWhy do ppl hate jungling … i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , feeding …

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Why do ppl hate jungling in General Discussion. Yunyun… Because most of the time junglers are picked at wrong situation, played with wrong playstyle, ... i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , ...

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Do not be discouraged by a bad play and the flame of your team mates. By clicking ignore or typing “/mute (player name)” in chat you can get rid of that toxic player’s talking. This feature doesn’t mute pings, so if that person chills out and starts playing with the team you can see that when they ping things that are important for the ...

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Hashinshin feeds, flames his jungler and goes afk

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i feel ya bro. as a plat jungle main always getting flamed 247. ive given up ranked because or it. Ither u dont gank enough, u gank to much, dont take my cs, dont push do push, dont take the my kills etc etc. as a jungle main i like to think i know when its a good time to push a lane out or not. when to tax a lane a little when not to ect. they never take into account maby your a jungler that ...

WHY DO PEOPLE FLAME? Getting angry when something doesn’t work out is human nature. Do not be discouraged by words which mean nothing in the real world. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”. If you listen to this proverb and stay cool even when everyone is flaming you, you will be alright.

Your safelane solo sven gets 0 farm and dived on because the enemy axe + roaming dazzle and ogre offlane shitfuck him into oblivion while you just afk and blame them for feeding. You will pick a jungler against a team with early push just because, then flame and blame your team because you are incapable of anything else bibotot1995 2017-01-19

I don't flame/report junglers (as long as they don't force ganks after I'm two levels and an item down, get killed, and flame me for no follow or just flame me for dying while getting camped), but this is the reasoning I came up with in regards to general flaming tendencies. 1. level 2. PerfectTemplar. 2 years ago.

So, being a jungle main since s4 i always wondered why junglers need to take all the blame.. it was not often it happened in earlier seasons but nowadays it's almost every game, someone loses lane and i get blamed... losing lane is all your own fault and you dying 1 on 1 should never be the junglers fault. i get that the junglers make mistakes aswell but blaming him for everything you do wrong ...

Why You Should Freeze Close To Your Tower. Freezing in this area is good for a number of reasons: 1) It can stop you from getting ganked by the enemy Jungler. 2) You will not get denied farm and experience by the enemy champion. 3) The enemy laner will have to overextend for farm and gold. 4) You will be able to set up ganks for your Jungler.

One of the biggest factors which separates an average player from a pro player in League of Legends is their ability to last hit. Being good at last hitting can give you a massive gold advantage in game over and getting good at it can really boost your win rate.

Junglers, always time when your camps will respawn (before 5 minutes), so that you can use any extra stuff to remove vision or pressure a gank. If you are walking into an area where you are worried the enemy are camping, juke your movements around, you might dodge a random thresh hook and look like Faker.

It is kind of cute that you think that the guy would rly do something you tell him. Just to good. When he poked down the tower he startet to run around and die to everyone. Littel thing you can do if ppl just don't want to listen. If ur calls go well, ppl will start to acknowledge ur authority, they will start to listen.

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