Why do ppl flame?

Jena Legros asked a question: Why do ppl flame?
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Video answer: Minecraft god wars act 3: why do people flame?

Minecraft god wars act 3: why do people flame?


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👉 Why do ppl flame junglers?

i feel ya bro. as a plat jungle main always getting flamed 247. ive given up ranked because or it. Ither u dont gank enough, u gank to much, dont take my cs, dont push do push, dont take the my kills etc etc. as a jungle main i like to think i know when its a good time to push a lane out or not. when to tax a lane a little when not to ect. they never take into account maby your a jungler that ...

👉 Why do ppl flame junglers cut?

General DiscussionWhy do ppl hate jungling … i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , feeding …

👉 Why do ppl flame junglers go?

Why do ppl hate jungling in General Discussion. Yunyun… Because most of the time junglers are picked at wrong situation, played with wrong playstyle, ... i cannot support > pick right click core jungle > make midas > team die to gank > flame why team so poor , ...

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How to flame at every rank in league of legends

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Why do ppl flame? Close. 0. Posted by. rip old flairs. 7 years ago. Archived. Why do ppl flame? Hey everyone, so I just want to ask. What is it that make ppl flame over a video game? 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 22% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

WHY DO PEOPLE FLAME? Getting angry when something doesn’t work out is human nature. Do not be discouraged by words which mean nothing in the real world. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”. If you listen to this proverb and stay cool even when everyone is flaming you, you will be alright.

It doesn't always happen on purpose, you know. People can flame by accident. Or not even mean too, but sound like they are trying too. =/

> right now. So all things considered, why do ppl say they wouldn't vote > for him? Not me. I like the bloke. Unlike most pollies, and everyone in the Labor-Green rabble, he gets of his arse and does HUMAN things. Supports multiple charities. Gets involved in Surf Lifesaving. He is always polite when surfing Manly point, never drops in on a wave. He

Originally Answered: Why do people people put pink flamingos on the lawn? There are three basic answers that I know about that explain this phenomena: The simplest and most obvious answer is that some people like Pink Flamingos, and a lawn ornament comes closest to fulfilling their wish to see a real one strolling about their property.

Flames are partial plasmas, meaning some of the atoms in them have been ionized as a result of the energy released by combustion. Because flames contain ions, they can be affected by electric ...

In Summary. For major bleeding issues, or when working on someone else, the combination of elevation, pressure, gauze, a pressure bandage, and if real bad, combat gauze and/or a tourniquet will work. Cauterization is only an option if you’re severely unprepared, and in very specific circumstances, as a last resort. 9.

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It is usually expelled through the anus as flatulence or out of the mouth as a burp. Some intestinal gas comes from the air that people swallow when they are eating, chewing gum, drinking through ...

Another reason may be that he made a "no-contraband" rule, then he started accepting stuff for videos, even though it's not for progression. Look at akinsoft. He is as rich af. He takes contraband. Then Thirtyvirus used money for video purposes, due to no content, an everyone flames him. What has he done to you? Honestly!

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Small bottle, huge fireball