Why do ppl eye sight is worst?

Martin Heller asked a question: Why do ppl eye sight is worst?
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Line of Sight communication, in the technological sense, is a type of data transfer that requires "visual contact" with the two devices/antennas. Common line of sight communication are Infared (such as a typical TV remote), or any visible spectrum, to very high-frequency bandwidth (above 5GHz). Where the signal cannot travel over/bend around objects (unlike radio frequency, that can "warp" around objects").

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Bad eyesight is usually caused by a condition or disease that results in the blurring or decline of clear vision. For some people, poor vision has been a lifelong nuisance that they’ve learned to manage. Other people may experience perfect vision until one day when they realize things aren’t as sharp as they used to be.

There are different causes of bad eyesight depending on the part of eye that is malfunctioning. Sometimes the problem lies with the nerves that carry signals between the eye and brain, or with the visual centers in the brain, but these are relatively uncommon. The most common problems are refractive errors of the eye.

Answered 6 years ago · Author has 3.7K answers and 9.2M answer views. Poor eyesight can be caused by a number of different factors but they pretty much all boil down to some defect in the eye, such as the shape of the eye, defects in the lens, defects in the cornea, and so on. Each and every one of us are born with some level of physical ...

We do a deferred exam. Though when we do it we must have Humphrey 24-2 visual fields on the good eye and on the bad eye, and an FAAForm 8500-7, Report of Eye Examination, from the ophthalmologist. Then we write a letter to specify where the applicant wants to take his checkride**, which is 0.4 hrs flight time (not much of a ride).

Common causes of bad eyesight can be rooted in habits and lifestyles as well as linked to preexisting health concerns. Certain family medical history can also help you to predict the onset of eyesight problems. Eliminating age-related sight problems, refractive errors (such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism) are currently the most common ...

If so, it could be a sign of an eye disease called glaucoma — a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve, and that gets worse over time. Usually it has to do with the pressure in ...

Night blindness is trouble seeing at night or in dark rooms.This condition is typically made worse when someone has just been in a bright environment. Night blindness can be caused by cataracts, nearsightedness, certain medication, vitamin A deficiency, retina issues and birth defects. Part 2 Understanding Common Vision Disorders Download Article

Afaik, except of Class 1 (not required for PPL nor LAPL) there is no sharp limit for corrective strength. The only requirement is gaining 100% sharpness at both eyes combined, 70% at single eye. Anyway, I agree with Michael Kjörling that you should contact an UK AME and discuss your exact prescription first, strength is not the only parameter.

Psychopathy, PTSD, and alexithymia (sometimes known as “ emotional blindness ”) are often associated with greater discomfort with eye contact. So are neuroticism, shyness, social anxiety, and autism.

The short answer – if you wear glasses or contact lenses – is that you probably already have 20/20 vision (if your prescription is up to date). Your prescription is designed to get you as close to normal or ‘perfect’ vision as possible. And don’t forget that in the UK, we use ‘6/6’, not ‘20/20’ (6 metres = 20 feet).

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