Why do ppl do this ?

Erik Baumbach asked a question: Why do ppl do this ?
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👉 This. who is this woman in the advertisement?

Who is this woman in the advertisement? Like who she thinks she is? The ad says this is a monday.com user but does not provide any credible source of reference. SCAM advertisement. YouTube Commercial. Close. 8. Posted by 3 months ago. THIS. Who is this woman in the advertisement?

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Hello, somebody who does this here. I do it to enhance artifacts and because when I get a good artifact I instantly give it to somebody, but that happens never so I end up sacrificing bad artifacts to good-er ones

Get creative 😍💅

Why do ppl do this- Why do ppl think a hedgehog is worth 3 kangas or a FR Crow-? -_- I dont get it- It should be atleast worth 1 kanga or 1 crow :/ Some of ya'll hedgehog owners think they worth NFR Kangas or a FR Crow when they dont-..

They say all these harsh things about you. They talk about you. They make you feel bad. They try to crush your soul. They delete you on every social media possible just to make a fake page to look at things that you're doing, to look at your page, to you know, see how your day is going. It doesn't make any sense to me but people do that.

Man , why don't you disable chat, BTW, you are not gonna talk to him during a game and so you should keep chat disabled against random players. i might need it to talk with other ppl tho rishabh11great

Sexual Intentions. The second common reason for child abductions is to perform sexual acts on the children. Similarly, the abductor happens to be a family member, friend, or close acquaintance of the family in most cases – a person whom the child knows well. Other times, it’s a stranger who performs such heinous acts.

Usually their names have an o or an i at the start and replace o's with q's. They lose 4x more than they win and have like 5,000 final kills and 10,000 final deaths. Also they always use the triumph/glory kill and bed break message to show their stats lmao. These ppl are probably 70% of every final kill I've had.

Allergies. The root cause of snoring is when the air you’re breathing doesn’t flow smoothly through your nose and throat when you’re sleeping. Instead, it bumps into the surrounding tissues, which causes a vibration. The resulting vibration makes the snoring sound as you breathe.

To protect oneself from the threat of physical harm. This is different from being punished, for the threat of harm is not for a misdeed. An example would be a child who is home alone telling a stranger at the door that his father is asleep now and to come back later. 5. To win the admiration of others.

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or has it been depopulated? :D seriously tho im curious.

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