Why do ppl do no shave november?

Harvey Murray asked a question: Why do ppl do no shave november?
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Video answer: Why do people celebrate no-shave november?

Why do people celebrate no-shave november?


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Video answer: It is no shave november

It is no shave november

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Like Movember, No-Shave November raises awareness and money for men's health initiatives. However, while Movember supports a few different causes, No-Shave November focuses solely on cancer...

In addition to Movember, the month of November is also known as NoShave November. According to Dictionary.com, NoShave November was started in 2009 in the US and encourages men to grow a beard and refrain from grooming their hair, trimming it or cutting it.

But basically No Nut November means that someone has set a challenge for themselves to not jerk the noodle/flick the bean for the month of November.

It was branded 'No Shave November' instead, except nobody knew why people weren't shaving, it was just made into another 'challenge' like the cinnamon challenge or the ice bucket challenge, with plenty of focus even being on women not shaving the whole month for some reason.

I study in a college where Muslim students are more in number, so the management can't ask them to shave. During November and December some students used to do fasting and they can't shave that time. So it is not a problem to have facial hair in my college. But I guess religion shouldn't be a reason for the institution to decide my appearance.

Absolve the owner from a regular grooming schedule. Oscillating from severely matted to shave-downs is willful neglect and irresponsible on the part of the cat owner. Reasons NOT to do the lion shave: Repeated shaving causes follicular dysplasia and occlusions, to the detriment of your cat's skin and hair health.

Also, the No-shave November which is to donate a months grooming expenses for cancer research and treatment of patients. These social causes receive support from people like Bill Gates and Mark ...

A lot of Indians participated in the ALS challenge. And more recently, the November 'No Shave Month' challenge. But we wonder if even half the participants had bothered researching the reasons these trends became so popular and why they were started. What is ALS? And why the ban only on shaving?

a significant loss, such as the death of a partner or the loss of a job. a personal crisis or life stress, especially one that increases a sense of isolation or leads to a loss of self-esteem, such as a breakup or divorce. loss of social support, for example, because of a move or when a close friend relocates.

Answered 3 years ago · Author has 1.1K answers and 2.7M answer views. Most Koreans don't have a lot of facial hair, so they don't let their beard or moustache to grow for nothing because it looks unaesthetic. It must have a link with their genetic. As well, in Korea, men shave their moustache and beard everyday.

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The meaning of 'no shave november'

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