Why do ppl do more dmg than me?

Kristina Koelpin asked a question: Why do ppl do more dmg than me?
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Video answer: How to deal more damage!

How to deal more damage!


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They pay monthly by check, wire, PayPal, and Bitcoing. The current minimum payout is only $10 for Paypal, $100 for Check, and $500 for Bank Wire. One downside to BidVertiser is that they use an advertiser bidding system.

👉 Advertisements do more harm than good?

yes yes

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There are a few possible reasons for an invalid CTR greater than 100%. Let's consider each one of them to find out what you can do about it… Whenever a user does this, one ad impression generates two separate clicks, causing the CTR to double. Sometimes it will continue past 200%, resulting in rates as high as 500%.

Video answer: How to do 10x more damage: genshin impact dps guide

How to do 10x more damage: genshin impact dps guide

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heres my talismans. all the ones that are commons and piggy bank arent bizarre yet which is why my intelligence isn't as high as it should be. also the melody hair and bat talismans give bonus intelligence. my sheep is only lvl 88 and i have full very wise dragon armor. alchemy 23 and enchanting 19. holding my frozen scythe I get around 1690 mana and 2300 mana in crystal.

I don’t really understand it. I’ve been playing in Battlegrounds, and there are these two people running together in every one of my games who just do SO much more damage than I can (or than anyone else in the matches are). To be clear before I go into numbers, we are talking about a level 10-49 battleground here. So, no CP.

And instead of rifle from auction (i'm 99,9% sure it's rowan's) try getting either PoS crossbow or buy 239 ilvl for points. I can eve say reason for it - most of your dmging skills are tied with weapon dmg, and slower weapon scales better with your stats, not to mention that this AH rifle doesn't have single stat for your dps boost

Why do ppl do this lol Fun running the numbers, and also to put her talent multipliers into context. Obviously things can change, but when they do is when they do.

Why do most ppl think warlocks are op. Post Reply. Return to board index… hence the reason for some form of cc in order to survive long enough for the dots to deal their dmg… I think the reason locks get more than their fair share of "nerf them" abuse is because of fear. Nobody likes to loose control of their character.

So I just sold my Aspect of the Dragons to somebody. I had the same enchants on my new AOTD why do I do less damage I did 20378 and now I do 17890 I do not know why I do less damage with the same sword and same enchants. Please Help!

dealing % max hp true dmg is totally balanced mechanic ~ Riot Games Seariusly,why tank is so ****ing **** that without ult is as squishy as other class vs this type of dmg,is even harder to heal up.It's not like beserker,despite dmg cap,still deal more dmg than others,while tank take same dmg.At least playing better tank(healer) you can heal yourself in 1 sec.

With how much cheaper Dreadlord is in mana and price it’s way better than simply using a Bonzo; it’s also less obnoxious to use imo cause the wither skulls are a bit more quiet and Bonzo just gets replaced rather quickly into the mage grind. A.

See more. See less. Question: Gaia vs Amazon Queen - why do ppl think Gaia is so great? Collapse. X.

KillStreak perks: Khanate, Assured Strike, Apostole to RNGesus (13) - +100% DMG Perks: 1st Strike, Strength Chaining (5-stacked), Marathon, Soup - +108% DMG Pants: Phoenix 3, Crit Funky 3 - +60% DMG Steaks 3 - +56% DMG Upgrade's: Heresy 2, One-Upper, DMG Upgrade - +11% DMG Megastreak: Highlander - +33% Total bonus: 573% DMG

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Video answer: How to do 10x more damage!

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The reason why intelligent people have problems socializing is because society is made by and for those who have low intelligence (wich is the majority for evolutive reasons), and because of that the intelligent ones are abused and marginated, if you leave a group of intelligent people on an island, all those problems will go away, they wont need all the stupid social norms that are made to keep the common human happy, they will communicate more efficiently than the common human would do ...

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The CPM method is much cheaper than using a CPC bidding system, since you can receive the same number of clicks and conversions while paying a lower amount of money. If you choose to work on CPM there's one more parameter you can play with and which can bring you some additional income: The frequency capping.

Video answer: How to deal more damage per game in apex legends!

How to deal more damage per game in apex legends!