Why do ppl call themselves hip hop fans but say 2pac is "wack" and stuff?

Jamel Rodriguez asked a question: Why do ppl call themselves hip hop fans but say 2pac is "wack" and stuff?
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WHY I dont comprehend this level of tomfoolery. Ive seen posts of Kool G Rap fans, saying Pac was wack, to MF DOOM fans saying Pac was wack. Not just they dont like him personally, but that he was just wack. W-A-C-K. This guy was one of the truest most powerful black man of the 90's era.

Sports, Hip Hop & Piff - The Coli. Forums > Sports, Hip Hop & Piff > The Booth > Why do ppl say Cardi is Black? Discussion in 'The Booth' started by Black Trash!, Feb 11, 2019.

Back when I was in high school around 1997, there was a weekend when a bunch of my friends went to a rap concert that was held in Riverside. I was unable to attend. The following Monday, all of my friends came back to school buzzing more about the...

After a long silence, Nicki Minaj has roared back at arch rival Lil' Kim. In a newly released snippet, entitled 'Tragedy', the Young Money Mrs fires verbal shots at the Queen Bee - who, for several

As a hip-hop fan, this has to be the most biased review I’ve ever read. The album is better than 90% of hip-hop crap out there right now. For an independent album, Canibus seemed to have put a lot of time into this album. When you’ve been rapping for 20 years, of course you’re going to contradict yourself.

New Song: Eve – ‘She Bad Bad’ {Snippet} She back back and ‘She Bad Bad’! As reported, tomorrow sees the digital release of Eve ‘s first official single in over five years. And if 24 ...

Sneak Peek: Chris Brown’s ’12 Strands (Matrix)’ Video. Chris Brown is preparing to release a special video for his fans. ’12 Strands (Matrix)’ is a track that did not make the final cut ...

Not many can do it … wink-wink [laughs]. Still have them raps going crazy on that album and have a Number One record, wink-wink. Call it whatever you want to call it. As long as the artist remains true to the craft of hip-hop and the culture of it, it is what it is. *****

Even the silly stuff BTS did to seem goofy for their fans just fell flat in the U.S. Anonymous 03/18/19 (Mon) 12:20:57 PM No. 19716 >>19714 Weird video that is 90% sexy face closeups.

Ppl are quick to say its wack because they either don’t like him or don’t see the points he’s making. Sure, he’s an egomaniac, but I would be too if I made great thought provoking shit 4 ppl and all they did was look at the material shit and roll their eyes at my views. Ppl are scared. Point blank. Niggaz r sheep.

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