Why do ppl call nasus braindead meme?

Adolph Schultz asked a question: Why do ppl call nasus braindead meme?
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👉 Why do ppl call nasus braindead?

And what if the Nasus player is, you know, actually not braindead and still takes out the ADC easy peasy even when the ADC is fed and Nasus is like 0/0/0? Silver elo games don't apply. Didn't even mention the elo. What if it happens? What then? ANSWER ME! Then ADC f***ed up. Good answer and the correct one. All I wanted to hear. Thank you.

👉 Why do ppl call nasus braindead dead?

Why do people call some champions brain dead when 90% of the champs in this game are very simple? Tl;dr: Every champ is pretty simple… The braindead champions are those who have so many resources that they play the game for the player.

👉 Why do ppl call nasus braindead a boy?

If one Q can chunk down more than half the health of your ADC then oh boy, where are your tanks who can engage on him. But usually an ADC like Vayne or Ezreal/Ashe can easily kite him if they have a tank or even if they avoid Nasus' wither. 1. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 12m. I’ll answer the post, but first I want to do the edit. Yeah, they’re the same skill level, that’s the problem. While Darius is a pretty easy champ, Nasus is just braindead; you can’t miss q, w or r, only ...

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Hello! I’ve reviewed a lot of recent Tank rankings viedeos and I don’t get why PPaladin is considered medicore on survivability. Compared to BFA, I can keep my SotR 100% most of the time. It does require healing in hard content, yes, like any other tank I bet (totally self-sufficient tank became a destructive meme IMO). Yet, somehow, ppl parse it worse than DH or DK on survivability. I don ...

Because people like to think they are clearly way above their skill level and would be challenger if not for their teammates. But no Xerath isn’t braindead, people just get mad when he gets fed and one shots a bruiser with a single spell rotation because ppl don’t know how to dodge his spells. 13. level 2.

TL;DR: How do you Kill Nasus after he finished Trinity & Bramble? Seems like he's invincible and his stats (Stacks, CS, KDA) doesnt matter. i recently found a streamer who plays nasus toplane. he goes early like 0/6, 0/3, 1/4 or some shit, all of the sudden he finished trinity and bramble and just shits on everyone, after he kills the enemy toplaner with more luch than skill both towers and ...

A word used to describe someone who is profoundly stupid. A type of stupidity that is an insult to intelligence itself. Politically correct people would like you to be rude to someone in a less offensive way, perhaps by calling them ...

Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox. Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans. The Top Ten. 1 The company only cares about money. Well, I’d have to slightly disagree with this. It was a passion project and it happened to become successful. Also, them earning money isn’t our problem.

I created a meme that said: “What do you like about President Trump,” then I shared it. I got more than a thousand responses in 24 hours and the things people wrote most is that they like Trump because he’s not a politician ― he’s a real American not corrupted by Washington, and beholden to no one.

Another reason why Americans are stupid ( or at least a great majority of them ) is that they really think that their system is the best ( just because they think that they are free to pay or not wanting to pay an Insurance ). 6 American’s scores on standardized tests are falling when compared to the rest of the world.

View on Libreddit, an alternative private front-end to Reddit. No shit, she had 280 cs, over a hundred more than your ignite/tp xin top who completed two full items before buying grievous and did less damage than the enemy support

Bladstorm and Bash are really good here, because a lot of the minions have 3 health. Look for Dyn-o-Matic, Bash, Sword and Board, Shield Slam, Lord Barov and Bladestorm in your mulligan. Quest Mage (heavy favoured) : Not really much to say here, remove the minions all the time and you are set.

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hey guys! This is an update video based on a previous video I had posted about a year and a half ago! enjoy! ~~~~~Vlog Channe...

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