Why do ppl call me boss?

Mortimer Borer asked a question: Why do ppl call me boss?
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  • Friends and strangers may call you “boss” in order to play it off as a nickname, a passing moniker if they don’t know your real name, or to use it as a slight insult or rude gesture. In the same vein as someone calling you “buddy,” but using an inflection in their voice that suggests they don’t like you.


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A boss has control over a person’s compensation, work assignments and future within the organization. A good boss recognizes this dynamic and works hard to be a champion for their team to help ...

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Why I Hate it When Other Guys Call Me 'Boss' ... But even when I have, technically, been in charge of other people, not one of them has ever called me “boss.” In fact, in my entire ...

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30 Of The Funniest Boss Memes . Ilona Baliūnaitė BoredPanda staff. The relationship between the boss and the employee is significant to company productivity. Do you know what else is? A batch of funny work memes for when that relationship goes down the drain. I mean, what else can save the day after your horrible boss takes all the glory for your work? Or tame your temper after they ...

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My boss calls me darling, sweetie, dear, etc. It was shocking to me when I first started, but it didn’t take long to see that she does it regularly with all sorts of people, and that it’s just a sign of positive affection, and reflects the high esteem in which she holds me. Are those words I’d use on other people in the workplace? Never.

Lucky ppl are getting to know me and they accept it, because I do my job well. @Kim From an introverts (like me) point of view, YOU think you have a reason to call. YOU think it’s reasonable to immediately interrupt someone’s thoughts/activities.

Real leaders don't boss people around. They say "Hey look, you guys -- this is your department. I'm here to run in front and knock down obstacles that will keep you from racing ahead."

The boss who doesn’t have a life outside work and who works long hours and then dismissively sneers at others who don’t work as hard as they do. Worse still is the boss who bullies others into working those same long hours. I had one boss once tell me “If you work for this company, you work weekends”.

They'll do it if they are so fearful that they don't want one of their team members to outshine them. They'll do it if they want to get rid of you because your questions and suggestions threaten ...

Boss fights can end up being tricky if there aren't many 'adds' to help replenish flasks. It takes getting through them a few times to learn their attacks, many are well telegraphed and can be avoided, once you know what to look for.

Either extreme is bad and debilitating for your staff. As a boss, you’ve got to tell the group where their North Star is, the direction they’re heading in and why.

In many cases, this fear has little to do with your boss. For example, a client recently told me that her biggest workplace fear is getting fired. This fear influenced many of her interactions in the workplace, particularly by deterring her from speaking up when there was an issue that demanded a conversation with her supervisor.

It's a tricky question i think. If i had to answer this question in one sentence, i would say people talk to each other so they can discover themselve from a different perspective and find a new self. I will explain it within four steps. 1. People...

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