Why do ppl buy latest greatest expensive phone?

Ettie Feeney asked a question: Why do ppl buy latest greatest expensive phone?
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Video answer: Why are smartphones getting so expensive?

Why are smartphones getting so expensive?


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The world's most expensive phone case

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The title says, why do people KEEP buying the iPhone. It is not really about the initial purchase. Yes, the content seems like a competition with android. That is part of it, but it is really beyond that. A 2019 research shows that the iPhone is responsible for 53.5% of Apple’s revenue. So, it is not about the ecosystem.

The list of reasons not to buy one of the latest and most expensive phones gets longer every year. Hold on just a moment before you drop $1,000 (or more!) on an iPhone X. Don’t spend buckets on ...

Interestingly, according to the survey, a total of 97.8 percent of all phone users use the alarm clock feature; 82.7 percent use it every day. The reports suggest people in the age group of 25 ...

Best unlocked phones 2020: Why buy an unlocked phone Buying a new phone? Here are the advantages of buying an unlocked phone and the best ones to buy, including iPhone, Samsung, Google and more.

Fad or Innovation – Everybody wants the latest and greatest. (iPhone mania.) This could also be when someone mimics their favorite celebrity. Compulsory Purchase – Some external force, like school books, uniforms, or something your boss asked you to do, makes it mandatory. This often happens in emergencies, such as when you need a plumber.

The Bottom Line. People buy luxury goods for a variety of reasons; nearly all of these reasons are related to the strong emotions that we attach to the purchase of expensive material goods ...

There's one big reason people buy Apple products: the ecosystem.. People don't buy iPhones by the tens of millions just because they like the hardware, though that's a huge part of it, but because ...

The new model is also "fairer to customers who don't get the most expensive phone," he said. Of course, you do still have to pay off your new phone, just as you'd have to pay off or lease a new car.

So I asked my Android-loving friends on Google+ a very simple question: Why do people buy iPhones? In less than eight hours, they had maxed out Google+'s 500-comment limit. Boy did I get an earful.

When trying to market your brand, you need to understand why people buy things. In her new book, Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know (Career Press, 2017), Shari ...

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