Why do ppl annoy you when you're playing cod?

Aurelia Greenholt asked a question: Why do ppl annoy you when you're playing cod?
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👉 When you purposely annoy ppl?

Then it is something you need to take a look at within yourself and find out why you are allowing yourself to be angry or annoyed. So, to politely walk away while still having a chance the person realizes you are fed up, You can smile and say, I have to use the rest room and immediately walk away, don’t wait for a response or permission.

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i dont understand why people hate cod iw or cod ww2 i may be protecting them because they are only cods + (bo3) i have. i havent been a fan of multiplayer but iw has really fun and great multiplayer. both have good zombies maps and the campaign isnt that bad. they dont deserve hate.

They cut in line, are rude to you in the office or at the restaurant, cut you off in traffic, talk loudly about obnoxious things, play loud music when you’re trying to concentrate, interrupt you ...

Why the toxicity? You're the embodiment of a typical Cod player Keep spewing your "muh COD bad" nonsense, you parrot bot. Who hurt you this bad? Cod is indeed "bad" because it is a brainless run n gun shooter with people zooming around and calling each others slurs and ♥♥♥♥ like its middle school

You know what else is annoying... when half the team confirm a ping in the most busy landing areas while you ping near the border of the map... then they land where the most traffic is.. they go down, lose there Gulag and won’t bother to wait for the team mates who are ALIVE to complete a contract to get money cause that’s the FASTEST way to get money to buy them back... or when you all in the Gulag, you survive but you’re team die but they won’t give the homie a chance to solo in ...

basically quickscope abuses the aim assist in the game....you hit l1 when your marker is close to someone and then hit r1 pretty much right after without actually seeing them in the scope the crosshairs will automatically pull to their head and if done correctly they die..... hard scoping is your scoped the whole time and when you see someone you pull to them and shoot.... i sometimes do a manual quickscope....where i see someone and scope and pull at the same time so by the time i can see ...

Everyone has annoying traits, whether you sing along to every song on the radio or insist upon keeping "Cotton Eye Joe" as your ringtone.And while some people are comfortable letting you know just how grating they find your behavior, there's one surefire sign that people find you annoying, according to experts—and it's one you're probably not picking up on, either.

Let’s take a look at some of the most annoying, irritating things that people in our lives can do. Hopefully we can get some insight into their behaviors, and avoid being just like them. 1. Pushing Buttons Just To Make You React. Consider the sibling who knows damned well that you hate the word “moist,” so they make sure to say it at the ...

Losing in a game to NPC's is one thing, that's just simple failure. You respawn or restart and try again. That works when you play alone. But when you're playing in a team or when you have spectators in any other form, failure can become at least two things. One being that if it's a "real" team, you're letting them down.

Anything higher or lower starts becoming unreasonable. At least in my opinion. So if you're playing at 800 DPI, that's a sens between 4 and 7. If you're playing at a higher sens, lower your sensitivity to 800 DPI and 7 sens immediately. It might feel slow at the beginning, but that's just, because you haven't gotten used to it.

While call of duty may seem like an inappropriate war simulator,it is in fact the most anticipated first person shooter game by millions each year.There are three playable modes(usually).Campaign or story is usually the most cinematic and mature language filled mode in the game.Multiplayer is more or less acceptable as far as language and violence intensity goes.Usually online in call if duty there are these things called gamemodes.For example,one mode is domination.Two teams must fight for ...

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