Why do ppl act like natural idols are always prettier than plastic beauties?

Adolph Gorczany asked a question: Why do ppl act like natural idols are always prettier than plastic beauties?
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why do ppl act like natural idols are always prettier than ... Because someone who is already pretty and doesn't do anything is > someone who isn't that pretty and does plastic surgery to become prettier. That's ... pretty is pretty regardless of how you achieved it and a plastic beauty will be prettier than a natural beauty as long as her ...

So ppl act like I cant say anything negative about any natural idols visuals just cuz I stan a plastic beauty. There is this disgustingly stupid logic OH users used against me. If I say a certain popular idols visuals are bad, ppl pull this but u stan Jessica who was super ugly before surgery shi...

Because people like to judge. Plain and simple. When 9/10 of most people had the money and resources to fix the things they don’t like about themselves they would. people should be able to do whatever they want. If it doesn’t effect you it shouldn...

Answered 9 months ago. That’s because they do care about looks lmao. they don’t use to because they thought it will attract more attention from people cus they’ll go “wow they’re not that pretty but they’re so talented”. That worked out for 2ne1 and Bb even tho the members are actually very good looking anyway.

Answered April 29, 2021 · Author has 82 answers and 19.3K answer views. I would say that I think all members are pretty but In my opinion, I find Chaeyoung and Jennie the prettiest. Not to say that Lisa and Jisoo aren’t because they are very pretty. The ugliest Blackpink member is *drumroll*.

Have y’all ever wondered why the PINKs and other YGE idols aren’t afraid to make fun of Yang Hyun-suk while many other idols feels uncomfortable just to talk about their CEO? Even Jisoo, the supposedly “most mistreated” member, said that whenever the members wants to go on a variety show, they can just tell the CEO and they’ll arrange a time for them to go.

When an idol is said to have gotten surgery, fans will associate it with the “plastic surgery < natural beauty” phrase. This makes them go all defensive and say, “No, it’s natural.” Why? Because natural beauty is more “impressive” than plastic beauty.

Idols hide it because they’re sold as ““natural beauty” so to admit they’re not so natural goes against the whole thing. They have had some work done.. apart from that they have a lot of money to take care of their diet, fitness and skin.

The “beauty at every size” concept is a feminist fantasy that enables women to overeat and look unattractive without feeling guilt and shame. While I don’t believe in aggressively bullying women, I hope that the women below realize that they looked healthier and prettier when they had a normal human figure.

However, recent tabloid reports claim that Kate went overboard with plastic surgery procedures, which were beginning to affect her work. Kate’s face stayed bloated for a very long time, affecting her appearance on camera. Kate and her makeup team had to spend extra hours to cover up the flaws on her face.

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