Why do people use ad hominems?

Meda Schumm asked a question: Why do people use ad hominems?
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👉 Are ad hominems bad for debate?

If one’s goal is to “win” a debate by being the last man on the field, the ad hominem works fine. (Though Christopher Hitchens was probably correct to view it as “a sign of victory” whenever his opponents moved on to ad hominem.) If one is genuinely interested in dialogue and healthy discourse, avoid the ad hominem. 5.

👉 How can ad hominems be bad?

Despite the proliferation of the ad hominem, there are serious reasons it should be avoided. Here are five of them. 1. It Can Make You Look Unintelligent. Smart people use ad hominem arguments, it’s true. But ad hominem attacks are generally viewed as a sign of low intelligence.

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Ad Hominem: When People Use Personal Attacks in Arguments An ad hominem argument is a personal attack against the source of an argument, rather than against the argument itself. Essentially, this means that ad hominem arguments are used to attack opposing views indirectly, by attacking the individuals or groups that support these views.

Personal understanding is unimportant, and mutual understanding is completely irrelevant; ad hominems are used to dominate the discussion through emotional reasoning. This is a manifestation of Habermas’ teleological reasoning mode.

Another reason people use Ad Hominem responses is because they have no DESIRE to have a productive conversation. They just want to troll. TL;DR: When people have weak arguments or none at all, they still don't want to lose so will change the subject by name-calling; OR they didn't want to have a real conversation in the first place and are just being dicks.

Well, ad homs are typically used to discredit another person’s points in a discussion.. By definition, they do not discredit the other person's points; they ignore the points and discredit the person, so that whatever point they made is pushed into the background.

An ad hominem (Latin for “to the person”) argument is an attempt to discredit an argument by labeling or attacking the person making it. Deliberately or otherwise, people resort to them when they don’t want to do the hard work of challenging an idea on its merits.

5 Reasons to Avoid Ad Hominem Arguments 1. It Can Make You Look Unintelligent Smart people use ad hominem arguments, it’s true. But ad hominem attacks are... 2. It Destroys Civil Discourse People often forget that individual behavior shapes culture. Our choices matter. Calling... 3. It's Cruel By ...

Ad hominem arguments are supposed to contest the truth of a proposition because of the character, circumstances, or actions of the person who asserts that proposition. Ad hominem is Latin for “against the man”. Ad hominem arguments attack the person who asserts a proposition rather than the truth or falsity of the proposition itself.

Sometimes, people utilize ad hominem fallacy because they want to appeal to people's emotions. (Raise your hand if you've ever jumped to a conclusion based on emotion, rather than reason.) But, that's precisely why these kinds of arguments are often made of straw rather than of steel.

But ad hominem attacks are generally viewed as a sign of low intelligence. Even Urban Dictionary—hardly a forum for high brows—recognizes that ad hominem arguments are generally used “by immature and/or unintelligent people because they are unable to counter their opponent using logic and intelligence.”

One reason for the ad hominem attack fallacy is rooted in our dispositionist biases (see Ross & Nisbett, 1990). In social perception, we tend to see others’ behaviors as indicative of underlying...

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