Why do people hate cps?

Margarete Lockman asked a question: Why do people hate cps?
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Why i left my role as a child protection social worker


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Child protective services called

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I think some people are insulted to have a case opened against them. There’s a lot of stigma associated with being investigated by CPS. It’s invasive. It’s frightening to be at risk for losing your child(ren). CPS definitely serves a purpose though, when the system functions correctly.

It will always be more harmful to you and your family if you choose to speak with a CPS worker. The biggest issue that we run into with this situation is that CPS workers (again due to a lack of training) don’t understand or appreciate that people don’t have an obligation to speak with them.

Now if we take all of these factors, strafing, aim, cps, rodding(especially rodding), that is what makes pvp fun and exciting. This also makes it hard because of you are fighting someone who has better aim, can strafe better, and who has higher cps, and can rod better(if rod pvp) you will most likely lose and since you lose you complain and say 1.8 takes no skill. 1.9 takes some skill but not nearly as much as 1.8.

It’s the things people do: Hostility based on: ethnicity race nationality sexuality disability religion gender identity damaging property physical harm harassment/ bullying threats & why they do it CPS HATE CRIME What it is and what to do about it

Combating hate crime matters to the CPS and we're working to increase awareness and understanding of these serious offences. We ran a social media campaign called #HateCrimeMatters to help people understand what hate crime is, and what can be done about it.. We recognise that hate crime impacts not only the individual victim but also the wider community - but many victims and witnesses can ...

CPS workers say it's heart-wrenching to take kids away from their parents, and try to avoid it unless necessary. "It's not only hard work, it's heart work," Blom said.

Why do people hate it and kick ppl with juju then? (havent properly played in like 2 months so im out of the meta) ... (+ recomb skeleton master cps are cheaper because auto recomb) f7 drops should have cata 24 req so the req is same . ITSNOTFUNNY Well-Known Member. NotGamingBlock. Requiem Guild Member

Sep 18, 2016. #17. It's harder to PvP in 1.9+. In 1.8 you just need to have 999k+ cps and you will win, 1.9 needs better knowledge of PvP and strategy, and you get awesome new mobs who can become pets and awesome new blocks for Housing and maps, new games, other "server" is making more and more 1.9 games with 1.8 PvP so Hypixel should too.

It's not the bow itself that gets hate, it's the players who use it. Despite having one of the most overpowered weapons in the game, the majority of the players who use it still manage to perform horribly whilst using it.

I HATE CPS. 1,862 likes. i hate CPS

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