Why do only some of my movies on my passport hard drive play on my tv?

Bessie Harvey asked a question: Why do only some of my movies on my passport hard drive play on my tv?
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👉 Can you play movies from external hard drive on tv?

  • This program will help you convert videos to HDTV supported format within seconds. After the video conversion, disconnect your hard drive and connect it to your HDTV, and set up your HDTV. Some sets will automatically play the movies on the external hard drive though.

👉 Can you play movies off the hard drive onto a tvs?

Yes. The Xbox 360 allows users to watch DVD's on there xbox.

👉 How to watch hard drive movies on tv?

How to Watch Movies from External Hard Drive on TV You need to be aware that not every HDTV set will allow you to play a video that is stored on your external hard drive, and that not all videos are supported by your HDTV. So firstly you need to find out whether your HDTV will support movie playback from an external hard drive. To check that, please read the instruction manual for your HDTV ...

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The most likely cause will be that some of your movies are in the TV's native playback format, and some are not. Look for some conversion software to convert the dead movies into the same format as the good movies. (EG: If the TV plays AVI, convert to AVI, if the TV plays WMV and NOT AVI, convert to WMV)

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If you have a DVD drive and a compatible DVD decoder installed on your computer, you can use Windows Media Player to play a DVD-Video disc—this is the type of DVD that movies are distributed on.

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How to connect external hard drive to tv?

How to Hook Up an External Hard Drive to a TV Without a Computer First Things First. Before you connect your hard drive to the TV, and especially before you spend hours loading it up... Connect Your Hard Disk to the TV. Take a look at your USB connectors on the TV. Some TVs may have more than one, ...

How to record tv to external hard drive?

Once you have gathered all the essential ingredients listed above, you can go through the following method to use an external hard drive for TV recording: Step 1: …

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Can windows media player play 3d movies?

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Can windows media player play quicktime movies?

My computer (running Vista) downloaded my videos from my camera into the .mov format. I have quicktime on my computer and can play them using that software. But I want to import the videos into Windows Movie Maker and Movie Maker doesn't recognize the .mov file. Please help! I'm trying to make home videos for the holidays.

How to play movies on vizio tv?

Step 2. Transcode Unsupported Videos to Vizio USB Video Format. Click on the output format section on the right side of the main workplace. Select “TV” catalog from the “Select Device” categories above, then click on the Vizio TV icon within. Then hit “Run” button to start the conversion.

How to play pc movies on tv?

Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations ...

How can i play google play movies on my tv?

Connect your Apple TV and your Apple mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network and use AirPlay to stream video to your TV. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Play Movies & TV app . Select a...

Can apple tv work as a external hard drive?

The current Apple TV has no hard drive. The original can be used to store and stream supported media over a local network through iTunes, but it cannot be used for storing programs or as a backup drive. An Apple Time Capsule does that.

Can you plug a hard drive into apple tv?

In response to JoeBro788. Hi Joe, I stream from an external hard drive without involving ITunes. Just turn airplay on and select the Apple TV and go ahead and use your files as you normally would on the desktop. I convert all my disks to a single file such as avi, mp4 and such.

How to ad a hard drive on windows 7?

Is your hard drive almost full and your computer is giving you warnings, and running really slow. You may need to add a second hard drive and transfer some ...

How to record from samsung tv to hard drive?

Once you have everything in place and within your reach, you can go ahead and connect your USB drive or the hard disk to the USB port of your Samsung smart TV. Channel Setup. Scan and tune in to the channel you want to record. Recording. Press the Record ( Rec) button on your Samsung TV’s remote control.

How to record from tv to external hard drive?

Press the Rec (or Record) button on the television’s remote control, select Proceed when the TV prompts to scan the connected drive for compatibility and performance and wait while the scanning completes the process and begins to record TV shows the hard drive.

How to use external hard drive as media server?

To stream your media to devices around your home (and even outside if you allow external connections), you’ll first need to digitize it and store it on the NAS …

Can windows media player play blu ray movies?

As mentioned above, Windows Media Player cannot play Blu-ray videos due to the deficiency in Blu-ray codec. So comes the idea that a Blu-ray codec supplement to the player would do a good favor. By installing a proper Windows Media Player Blu-ray codec/plugin, Windows Media Player can play the Blu-ray movie successfully.

Can you play ipod touch movies on tv?

Yes! With apple TV

Can you play itunes movies on smart tv?

If you are not sure,you can choose one from the following top 6 best ways to watch iTunes 1080p HD movies and TV shows on TV. Method 1. Watch iTunes on TV via iTunes Movies and TV Shows App. Method 2. Watch iTunes Movies on TV via Apple TV App. Method 3.

Can you play your ipod movies on tv?

Yes. You can see movies from your iPod to your T.V.