Why do old ppl quit taking baths?

Kevin Daugherty asked a question: Why do old ppl quit taking baths?
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What if you stopped showering for a year?


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What would happen if you never showered since you were…

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I am ever so careful going up and down stairs, getting in and out of the shower. I feel like an old person, moving more slowly. Not that I have to move slowly - I want to because I am being more careful not to do anything fast which might make me fall. It has opened my eyes to why very old people do and act the way they do. Yeah,

L. Luitpold Oct 2016. The presumption of this article seems to be that it is always just a choice between a shower or nothing, but in fact, the main problem the elderly have is not with getting into a bath tub but with taking a shower, since they lack the balance to stand up on a wet, soapy, slippery platform.

You have to get totally naked all at once and as an Alzheimers patient, there is very little chance you will be left alone to take a shower. Yes, I know you could put a towel around, avert your eyes or any other of a number of things, but seriously, that person is still naked and exposed.

Determining why their bathing habits have changed is the best way to devise a successful strategy for getting a senior to shower regularly and wear clean clothes. There are many possible culprits, and several factors often combine to form a perfect unhygienic storm. At best, poor hygiene can result in minor body odor and an unkempt appearance.

Here’s What Would Really Happen If You Stopped Bathing. By Macrina Cooper-White and Eva Hill. You’ve probably gone a few days without showering — maybe a week. But let’s say you didn’t bathe for days on end — as in you use no soap, no water, no nothing. What would happen?

In the 1700s, ppl bathed appx 1x year and many thought bathing was a way to get sick. 1900s, ppl may've bathed 1x week and many wore same clothes all week. Many hair salons suggest elderly wash their hair 1x week because it depletes natural oils. I suppose the biggest problem may be urine/ feces odor; but, many ppl take "bird baths".

Sensory issues related to the temperature of the water. Sensory issues related to the sound of the water pouring into the bath. Fear of getting soap in their eyes. Aversion to getting water on their face. Fear of slipping in the tub. Fear of getting sucked into the drain. This is not an exhaustive list, but it addresses the most common reasons ...

And this is why I stop this Chinese mom, when she keeps going on about how 2 (less than 2 years old) toddlers should then be matched later on >_> since they play so well together now. I’m like uh, most kids play well with each other, this kind of thinking is what kill the innocence, and brought up unnecessary things when it shouldn’t have >_> and yes, I told her lol.

Much like the daunting task of taking a shower — vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning can seem right out of the question. Apathy is a common feeling with depression. Some depressed people may not ...

Seizures caused by meth are dangerous and can lead to sudden death. 7. “Tweakers” are people who use meth for between three and fifteen days. Tweakers typically don’t sleep during these long periods of meth use and become psychotic on behalf of sleep loss, insomnia, and intense drug cravings.

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