Why do not some ppl have never seen demons?

Giovanni Schiller asked a question: Why do not some ppl have never seen demons?
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The satan and demons question and response


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How to be delivered from demons (remastered)- derek prince

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It is not fun and like most that have it, they feel like it is something that is more distracting than beneficial. So, to break this all down, the main reason why some people do not see spirits is that there mind does not believe in them based on early conditioning and two that they are afraid mentally to believe.

Deprivation of oxygen. Cerebral anoxia - a medical term for a lack of oxygen flowing to the brain - is said to trigger sensory distortions and hallucinations. It is believed to be the physical ...

Village demons are small to large sized beings with human appearances and features. Some have degenerated due to the high quality food being too expensive. They have standard village clothes and masks covering their faces. Farm Demons. Farm Demons are all tall beings that have long, pointy faces with two eyes above each other and two horns on top.

3. THIRTY-NINE DEMONS “I was possessed by 39 demons. These demons entered my life at an early age. Even when I was nine years old, a strange spirit pushed me to run away from my home to a different country. What I remember most is when I was 16 years old and something entered my body while I was in my grandmother’s house.

A demon is being offended through a human. It should be up to the individual as to what they do with their Phallic member, or the phallic member of another species. Demons convinsed people to use money. God says fear not, and don’t be afraid, and don’t worry, putting people at ease. Demons will not do that. Demons impersonate the dead.

You do not have to be severely possessed to have a spirit or dark force attached to you. People who hear voices and/or talk to beings that are not there or real are severely possessed. But most people are not at that level. To be at that level you have to have had some serious trauma and opened some serious doorways in your life.

This is why the shadow appears to be a silhouette of a man. Shadow men, or demons, are truly dead people who have basically made a deal with the devil of some sort and pledged allegiance to evil. The shadow people/demons overcome and deceive the individual and the person eventually dies and the evil spirits of the children of fallen angels take control of their property, and that property is ...

(1) Demons have always treated mankind with cruelty and that is exactly what some of the alleged aliens do after they abduct humans. Demons are believed to torture people and aliens also do nothing but torture as they subject the abducted humans to various experimentations. (2) Demons are believed to prey on human beings and that is why they are dependent on humans.

Demons are Real. But They are Not Equal with God. And they cannot harm a child of God though they may seek to thwart the plan of God in you. We would do well to recall that one of the Church’s greatest theologians, Dr. Martin Luther, not only taught the truth about demons but taught the might of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Overwhelming stress, anger, sleep deprivation, and other negative human emotions may catch the attention of a demon and perhaps allow it an easy route into your life. These might be reasons why a demon would decide to bunk with you. But now, let’s explore some of the alleged signs of a demonic infestation.

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