Why do movies and television shows have the apple mac logo on their pc's and laptops no one uses windows?

Hudson Schuster asked a question: Why do movies and television shows have the apple mac logo on their pc's and laptops no one uses windows?
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There are many places to download Indian television shows and movies online. However, this is considered piracy and should be avoided as piracy is illegal.

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The actor 'Wes Brown' appeared in a number of movies and Television shows. Including but not limited to 'Deception', 'Storm War', 'True Blood' and 'Noble Things'.

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Because Apple usually has the license for the show or movie in question.

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The idea of bad language changes over time. Words or phrases which may not have been acceptable 10 years ago are acceptable now and conversely. Also, acceptability varies from one country to another. It would be useful to have a little more context in order to give a sensible reply.

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The end result is like an old radio show. Obviously this opens up a whole new market for television, which makes the cost worthwhile. If your cable or satellite provider includes the AD audio stream (it might be called AD, DVS, or even just be called “English” it’s worth trying just to see how it works.