Why do medicare advantage plans have commercials on tv?

Sandy Ernser asked a question: Why do medicare advantage plans have commercials on tv?
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  • Keep in mind that these Medicare Advantage plans are offered by for-profit entities, corporations not unlike your cable provider, department store, or neighborhood used car lot. The purpose of the TV commercials is to get you to act, to call the number on your screen, to make a purchase.


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👉 Why are there so many medicare commercials on tv?

If you've ever watched cable television during Medicare's annual enrollment period, you've probably noticed a bounty of commercials for Medicare Advantage plans. Some of these TV ads feature celebrity spokespeople, touting the plans' benefits… The answer lies primarily in the way Advantage plans get funding.

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👉 Does philo tv have commercials?

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65 years of age with severe disability and the penetration of Medicare and Medicaid as health service coverage for this popula-tion aresummarized in Table 1. Fifty-six percent of Medicare- and Medicaid-cov-ered disabled recipients are male (U.S. Bu-reau of the Census, 1989), and nearly 50 percent have total income at or below the

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