Why do lipids have a higher energy content than carbohydrates?

Dejon Tremblay asked a question: Why do lipids have a higher energy content than carbohydrates?
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Why do lipids store so much more energy than carbohydrates? ... Therefore, when the greater number of electrons around the carbon atoms in fatty acids are transferred to oxygen (when the fatty acids are oxidized), more energy is released than when the same process happens to carbohydrates.

Do carbohydrates, lipids, or proteins contain the most energy?

  • Each gram of carbohydrates stores 4 calories of energy, whereas each gram of lipid stores 9 calories. As a result, lipids serve as a more compact way to store energy, since it contains more energy per gram than carbohydrates.


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  • Hydrogen has the highest energy content of any common fuel by weight (about three times more than gasoline), but it has the lowest energy content by volume (about four times less than gasoline). It takes more energy to produce hydrogen (by separating it from other elements in molecules) than hydrogen provides when it is converted to useful energy.

👉 Do nuclear fuels have a higher energy content than biomass fuel?

Yes, much higher pound for pound.

👉 How much energy content do a lipids contain?

Lipids as an Energy Reserve:

Lipids yield 9 kcal of energy per gram while carbohydrates and proteins yield only 4 kcal of energy per gram.

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