Why do kids watch television?

Tom Haag asked a question: Why do kids watch television?
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👉 Can dogs really watch television?

My dog does often. If I tell her dogs on tv she comes running from wherever she is looking at the tv for the dog.

👉 How many people watch television?

This depends on your definition of "watch television." Many more people have seen television than have a television set in their home and watch regularly. Nevertheless, hundreds of millions of people watch television in all the countries in the world.

👉 When was television watch created?

Television Watch was created in 2005.

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It makes them happy. I am a child and i am watching it right now. :-)

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Should babies and toddlers watch television?

Due to all the above reasons, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents not allow children under two to watch any television. You may have noticed that all of these points demonstrate the negative aspects of letting babies and toddlers watch TV, and you’re wondering if there are any positives.

What percentage of people watch television?

88% of people watch tv daily.

Where can one watch television movies?

There are many websites whereby television movies are made available for individuals to watch. One of these reliable websites is "Crackle". You can also watch them on television or purchase the DVD.

Why does madonna hate television and not allow her kids to watch it?

She was raised without television and she thinks it's "poison and trash."

Is canadian made television better to watch than american made television?

Personally, I prefer Canadian and British programming as compared to U.S. programming for the most part but it's really a matter of personal choice and opinion.

Why is television bad for kids?

There is no doubt that TV can be educational. But one of the unforeseen consequences of TV viewing is reducing how much parents talk with their children. And diminished parent-child interaction can...

Can you watch horrid henry on television?

Yes! It is on Citv on everyone's television. It should be fun when you watch it! Enjoy it!

Do you need broadband to watch television?

Television is traditionally watched via radio off the airwaves. I presume you mean watching live television programs via computer. In which case yes. dial up speed is too slow. The picture would keep freezing whilst the computer caught up. You could download a show onto your hard drive with dial up, (Very slowly) then it would playback continuously, if the computer was up to it.

How can i watch free television online?

You can't see every possible television show online for free; at least, not legally.However, you can find lots of material on YouTube, and similar sites.

How do you say watch television tonight?

Ver la television esta noche.

How many hours do people watch television?

1,100 hours per year

How many people watch ghana television daily?

Near to 375

How many people watch sport on television?

Infinitly people watch sports because sports bring wining spirit to the people.

How many people watch television in australia?


How much television should a teen watch?


What does nelson mandela watch on television?

p o r n

What happens watch too much of television?

you can get blind

What happens when you watch less television?

What Happens When You Watch Less Television? ... Here are 5 benefits of watching less television. 1 — You Won’t Sit as Much. You were not to intended to sit for as long as you do.

What television shows does steven seagal watch?

America Has Got Talent and The Originals are some of the television shows that Stevan Seagal watch.

Where can one watch cbs television online?

Viewers can watch CBS television online at LIVE2STREAM,COMCAST and TV CHANNELS FOR FREE.Viewers can watch the latest tv shows and entertainment online for free.

Where can one watch free television online?

There are many websites which offer free television shows online. Most of the regular networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox all have some or most of their regular shows online to watch. Other sites such as Hulu has free television online as well.

Where can one watch television episodes online?

There are several options where you can watch television episodes online. You can go directly to the website of the network the show you want to watch airs on or you can use a website such as Hulu or Netflix.

Where can you watch free television shows?

You can watch free television shows via the Primewire website. Alternatively, another good source is the Sidereel web portal. There is no need to download or install any programs to use either of these websites.

Where can you watch live television online?

yes. i won't name any sites. but if you just search for live streaming television you can watch your favorites shows as they are aired live on tv. there are software and services that you must pay for, but there are also sites that stream network television. i don't see any moral issues with watching network television online for free since it is free on standard tv anyway. u can't skip the commericals as you can't watching standard tv so the advetiser's money isn't wasted on you. hope you find this helpfull and please understand my concern for these sites coming under scrutiny. enjoy. ps. i am not referring to abc, nbc, fox, or cbs sites. they probably can't stream due to local programing differences. obviously there is a solution because two sites i found pulled it off.

Why do americans watch so much television?

Because so many people use television as a babysitter for children, which causes them to become addicted to watching. That's they only thing they know how to do, if the parents are not involved with teaching their children