Why do i see ads for things i've already bought?

Nyasia Conroy asked a question: Why do i see ads for things i've already bought?
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Technically, this is all to do with 'cookies'. They store what you have searched for or what you have clicked on, for instance… Your cookies tell advertisers that you are interested in those computers and until that cookie expires you will get adverts for something you already own.


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👉 Why am i getting ads for things i just bought?

Basically it means they are using an advertising partner that is new/does not care about the client... Or just isn't able to optimize that way. Of course your online purchases are being tracked. They offer you things they know you like. Lets say you bought some new tools someone stole them and you dont have warranty.

👉 Why do i see ads for things i have already purchased?

See if this sounds familiar: You bought a product online and, nearly instantly, ads for that same product are following you across the internet.

👉 Who bought adblock?

Eyeo, the parent company behind AdBlock Plus, announced this morning that it has acquired Flattr. The two companies were already working together on a project initially called Flattr Plus, where users can allocate a monthly payment to online publishers.

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A lot of this can be attributed to an advertising approach called retargeting. As its name suggests, retargeting just means showing you ads for products you may have added to your cart or looked at...

Stop Showing Me Ads For Things I’ve Already Bought… I understand why the ads were appearing. And I understand that statistically they made a lot of sense for the advertisers who were buying ...

Poppin is changing the way they remarket by beginning to serve ads that feature collections of products: Buy a desk, see an ad featuring a desk/chair/filing cabinet/desktop organizers. Things you ...

Good question. My first thought is that the business rules are not set properly, i.e. Retargeted ads are generally served to those who visited a website and didn't perform the desired action such as buying a product. The idea is to serve the ads at a set frequency and nudge a purchase.

And you keep seeing those ads, even after you have made your purchase, sometimes for weeks on end. At first blush, it makes sense, and is the whole reason the ad companies (like Google and the rest) want to track more about us is to deliver ads that target our interests.

Most of the time, when you see an ad for something you already own, it is because the advertiser doesn’t know you own it (at or, or “yet”). This could be because you checked it out on one site, then bought it from another because it was cheaper, or maybe you bought it over the phone, or in a regular store… who knows. Sometimes, even if y

A technique called “remarketing” allows advertisers to show ads for things you’ve previously looked at. The technique targets your computer, not you as an individual. Clearing cookies periodically, or using an ad blocker, may help. Ads that seem to follow you are benign and nothing to be concerned about.

Though it's become apparent that advertisements online have gotten a whole lot more specific than the usual targeted ads based on your Google searches. Instead, many people are now noticing micro-targeted advertisements based on things they've never actually searched for online before, but have talked about in real life.

The trackers can tell if you are interested in buying something. They look for signals — like if you closed the browser after looking at the blender for awhile or left the item in the site’s...

Design Space is charging me for things I have already purchased When you purchase ready-to-make projects, single images, fonts, or image sets, they are yours to use in Design Space forever at no additional charge. Image entitlements from cartridges that you link to Design Space are also yours to use in Design Space forever at no additional charge.

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