Why do i remember ppl and they dont remember me?

Margarette O'Conner asked a question: Why do i remember ppl and they dont remember me?
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I don't remember me (before you)


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👉 Why do i remember ppl and they don't remember me now?

Why do I remember all my mistakes , problems with people and embarrassing moments and regret them and feel that ppl will remember me always like that ? And how to stop it ? Close. 14. Posted by 21 days ago.

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The nature of media and advertisement is constantly changing. With every new generation, old rules have to be reconsidered or thrown out when ineffective. The same old advertising techniques will...

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Don't forget to remember me

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I remember everything about you, and I am so insignificant you don’t remember anything about me? It’s pleading, it makes you look insecure and it slots you as the subordinate of the relationship. Why you don’t remind them how you met. Remembering means caring When someone remembers you well, it’s a way of communicating that they liked you.

So the answer to your question is yes, they remember everything. They break people apart into pieces to such an extreme that they become those pieces rather than full fledged human beings with their own thought processes and emotions.

People who suffer memory loss don't always do so because they drink more than others - certain brains are just prone to losing memories when under the influence, says a San Diego researcher.

It is, according to the research, due to chemical changes in the brain which occur in a state of fear/stress (involving the production of extra-synaptic GABA receptors) that facilitate the encoding of stress/fear-related memories but also cause these memories to be stored in the brain where they are consciously inaccessible.

Sometimes they just don’t understand why you do what you do, so they voice out their concerns, which may make them seem dissenting. I personally try not to take it to heart when people discourage me. I see it as they need a little education and explanation. Or sometimes, I just ignore them.

If we remember dramatic and emotional moments so well, why do most people forget what they were doing when the Challenger exploded?

15 reasons you’re asking “why do people hate me ... In fact, no one can remember when you were there to help them with an issue they had. They only remember sitting beside you when you were dumped or went bankrupt. You’re selfish.

In fact, there is evidence that acetaminophen (e. g ., Tylenol) works not only on physical pain but also on emotional pain. 4. Priming: Past memories are often triggered or primed by one’s ...

An amazing and admirable article…i do add many unknown people as my friends if they too have some similar way of life but that they did not even bother to reply my message makes me think…why did they even add me…what exactly do these ppl have in their minds while adding me and these ppl don’t even have time to reply me and they think i am their slave or some fan who would want to have ...

Remember, when you’re speaking to a group, they probably don’t know what you’re going to say or do – and if you diverge from the path you have planned, they won’t know. Unless you tell them.

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