Why do i only have sound and not the picture when the dvd player is hooked up to the tv?

Roscoe Wintheiser asked a question: Why do i only have sound and not the picture when the dvd player is hooked up to the tv?
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👉 Why do you only receive sound but not the picture when the dvd player is hooked up to the tv?

If you have hooked up your DVD player and get sound but no picture, try changing the picture source from TV to AV 1.

👉 When did television have sound?

When television became first available in the 1930's it was broadcast with sound. One of the first broadcasts was from the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

👉 Your plasma tv has no picture unless hooked up to computer?

Video board is bad, there is a separate board operating the inputs to the computer called the digital board.

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Try changing the source on the television to AV1 if you only have sound but no picture from a DVD player. If it is on TV it will not play a DVD.

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Your sony tv no sound and picture?

Could be the tuner board or input settings.

What is a sound media player?

Audio Media Player is a simple music player and easy to handle. It supports playback of common audio formats like MP3, WAV, OGG or WMA files and can also create a playlist. To do this, you only have to import your files and to save your list so that you can listen to your files at any time.

Does lg tv have picture in picture?

I'm awaiting delivery of my 65" LG C8 this afternoon and am curious as to if these TVs have any features that would display content from two different sources at the same time (whether splitscreen or PIP) like older TVs had. I've heard some Sonys still do this, but I'm getting mixed messages while googling and the user manual doesn't seem to make mention of it on a quick browse through.

Does sharp tv have picture in picture?

the shapr does not offer PIP feature. i know right!

Why does apex tv and dvd hook-up have picture but no sound?

If you're using the RF cables, tune the TV to the correct channel and you should have sound. If you're using the RCA jacks, don't forget to add the audio cables for sound.

Your jcv tv has no picture but sound?

If JVC TV has no picture but only sound, there may be a problem on the signal board. Contact an authorized service center to arrange for estimate of repair.

Why can't get any sound as tv is hooked up to a receiver?

Assuming you are connected to the audio output connectors on the TV, you might have to turn up the volume of the TV to get any audio to appear at the output connectors. If it is a high end set, go into the audio menu and switch the audio output to FIXED. This will give you full level audio at the connectors and then turn down the sound from the TV speakers. Don't use the internal speakers when using the sound system.

Is hooked tv free?

You must subscribe for unlimited access to the Hooked catalog. The subscription is $4.99 weekly*. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase… Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

Is hooked tv safe?

Is Hooked TV Safe? Yes. Hooked TV is quiet safe to use but use with caution.

Can a blu-ray dvd player be hooked up to a standard television?

No. Blu-Ray players require an HDMI cable to hook up to a TV and only HDTVs accept HDMI cables

Why tv beeps only without picture and audio signal when you make it on?

It's called a `beep code' which beeps in some type of sequence, repeatedly. Its purpose is to let the technician know what's wrong with the TV. In other words, a self diagnostic when the TV has a technical issue.

When turn on sanyo tv no picture or sound just blue flickering standby light?

Why is the light on power no picture tv

Does the 4gb iq sound personal media player ipod touch screen have applications?

i have an ipod touch and i have apps so im pretty sure

Are tv sound and picture sent through fm waves?

Picture is AM, sound is AM or FM

How does a television produce the sound and picture?

how does a television produce sound and picture

Why does your tv shows sound but no picture?

The IN cable in the back is loose or detached.

Why has your television got no picture just sound?

Mine doesn't!!

Is windows media player the only audio player available for windows os?

No. Windows Media Player is not the only audio/media player for Windows OS. There are other popular media player too. Some of them are VLC, Real Player, QuickPlay, etc.

Can a blu-ray dvd player be hooked up to a standard jvc television?

Yes it can. Blu-Ray players have analog outputs as well as an HDMI output. The analog outputs are standard definition and can be used with any standard definition television. To view the content in HD quality does need an HD television.

Why is the sound bad on vlc media player when playing avi files?

cause its free download use windows media player its better

How to edit sound in windows media player?

It enables a user to cut or edit out a part of media file directly from Windows Media Player™ at high speed without quality degradation and problems with audio/video …