Why do i keep getting charged for facebook ads?

Judah Schumm asked a question: Why do i keep getting charged for facebook ads?
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Facebook ads: when you get charged

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Once you add a coupon to your account, it's charged once a day when you start running ads. If it runs out or expires and you keep running ads, your primary payment method is charged next. The situation may happen if your ad's budget was set higher than the value of your coupon.

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How does facebook charge for ads?

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You receive a bill whenever you spend this amount as you're running ads. If you keep advertising after you've reached your billing threshold, you receive another bill on your bill date for any leftover ad costs. So, it's normal to be charged for your ads multiple times in a month or even after your ads have stopped running.

Essentially, you add a valid payment method – usually a credit card – to your account. Then, as you run ads, the cost of those ads adds up. Once the total cost reaches your billing threshold, you are charged for the cost of those ads. You will also be charged at the end of each month, if you have not yet reached your billing threshold.

Facebook ads start running once the ads are approved on your chosen start date. Then they'll stop running at 11:59 PM on your chosen end date. For example, if your campaign is set to run from January 1 at 9:00 AM to January 2 at 9:00 PM with a daily budget of $10, you may be charged up to $15 worth of ads for this campaign because your end date runs past a 24-hour period.

e.g We were unable to charge the funding source associated with your Facebook Ads account. This can happen for a few reasons: PayPal: If your PayPal billing agreement is inactive or your PayPal account is no longer correctly linked to a valid credit card or bank account.

2. Check your ad frequency. Is your audience getting burned out? Take a look at your ad frequency settings. Set the frequency too low and you won’t get enough exposure. Often, it takes a few views for someone to click your ad or engage with it. Why? Because people don’t go onto Facebook to view ads. So they likely get busy doing other things.

Keep in mind that your final bill may be more than your budget for a particular ad. That's because your account is charged for all the ads that you're running on that specific ad account. We always stay within the budget you set for each ad. The total number of clicks and impressions that your ad receives is shown in your Ads Manager.

For example, the date you made a payment, the amount you paid, the reason you were charged and the ads you spent money on. Steps to view your Facebook ad charges and payment history Go to the Billing section of your Ads Manager. In your list of transactions, click the date dropdown menu and select the date range you want to view charges for.

Tracking Facebook ad conversion rates with AdEspresso. AdEspresso is a Facebook Ads creation, publishing, management and analytics tool. It helps you understand everything you can about how your ads are performing, why you’re getting the results you are and how to optimize your ads accordingly.

The longer you keep trying to force your idea of Facebook Ads working for you and you keep getting accounts suspended, you are holding back your own progress in your learning in other areas. I hope this has been helpful, I’ve shared it honestly with you from my personal experience like I do with everything.

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How facebook ad costs work and how to keep facebook