Why did television make the world better?

Karianne Hill asked a question: Why did television make the world better?
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👉 How does digital television make lives better?

what is digital technology

👉 Is hd television better than regular television?

Yes, HD (High Definition) television as the name suggests shows much better picture quality and is better than regular television. They also do not radiate rays that are harmful to the eye and so are better to watch.

👉 Is television better than books?

Yes books are better than television because books are the guides of success for young ones to the future and the books have so many knowledge.

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You can monitor everything in the world simply by looking at a screen safely in your home.

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How does television affect the world today?

the television is a great affect to the world because of the great popularity.

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When did bbc world service television end?

BBC World Service Television ended in 1995.

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When was bbc world service television created?

BBC World Service Television was created in 1991.

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Which is better lcd or dlp television?

DLP (Digital Light Processing – Texas Instruments) technology offers several potential advantages over LCD (Liquid Crystal Display – marketed by many companies with trademarked names and variations, such as JVC’s D-ILA and Hitachi’s LCOS, both of which are reflective LCD rather than conventional transmissive LCD). In particular, DLP projectors have a much higher (higher is better) pixel “fill factor” than transmissive LCD, that is more of the area of an individual pixel is used ...

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Does sony make television?


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Dress texaco mad mad world uncle mr television?

Milton Berle

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Dress texaco uncle mr television mad mad world?

Milton berle

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What percentage of the world own a television?

An estimated 7.8 billion people live on Earth, and an approximately 5.4 billion own televisions. So around 90% or 4/5 of the world owns a television. By the way, China owns 28.2% of that pie, around 800 million televisions, the most of any country. The U.S. is in second with 290 million televisions, or 12.5%

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What world adventure television channel launched last 1997?

National Geographic

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When is little people big world on television?

Little People Big World shows reruns on TLC Monday through Friday at 6 am.

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When is the world cup rugby on television?

Research has shown that the Rugby World Cup is held once every four years with the next one taking place in 2015. Due to the timing of this event there are not dates set as of yet for it being televised. If one is referring to the Rugby League World Cup it will take place and be televised from October 26th to November 30th, 2013.

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When was world indigenous television broadcasters network created?

World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network was created in 2008.

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Why is reading books better than watching television?

While the TV bombards you with a sensorial experience, showing facts as they really were (or as imagined / mentally constructed by the director), books offer a conceptual description of beings and their universe. While reading we "process" the written information, so that it becomes intelligible, and so that we can relate to the characters and situations they experience. Thus, we are forced, or "invited", to perform a much more complex reasoning and mental constructions. We are, so to speak, exercising our brain while reading. Also books can "wait" for you while most TVs won't let you.

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Why is watching television better than reading books?

Because people get information faster, but when you read a book it is pretty slow! Young children like my son Jackson, loves watching little Einsteins on Play house DDisney and it is a fantastic start for them before they go to school, and they learn how to count or the ABC's or learn how to work together etc. For adolescents, they learn different things by watching there shows also.

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Did scotland make up television?

Not exactly but the inventor of television was John Logie Baird who was Scottish but living in England at the time of his invention.

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How does television play a role in todays world?

Television offers news, entertainment, educational shows and documentaries to the world today. There are many networks on television today offering a variety of viewing content.

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How has television brought the world closer to us?

it all started with your mom! shes the one that told all of us to not watch tv. shes the one that brought the television to marios house!!

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How has the internet and television impacted your world?

it has impacted my world by making me rest more as i dont have to rush to my tv if i watch it on my laptop later!

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Compare samsung or phillips television which brand is better?

The clear truth is Samsung.

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Is television better than radio if yes then why?

it is better because you can bring a radio more places then tv

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What is better 60 hz or 600 hz television?

  1. Absolutely.

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Which is better lcd or led for a television?

LED is a thinner/slick modern looking tv. It uses LED lights or light emitting diodes. LED TV's are able to produce a higher picture quality then the stander LCD TV. This is because of higher contrast ratios. LED TV's can show truer blacks and brighter whites.

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Will 720p resolution provide better viewing of the television?

"A 720p resolution would be better than other smaller numbered resolution and is much better than traditional tube televisions. However, a 720p resolution television is not necessarily better or worse than a 1080i. Each is best for different types of viewing."

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Does chief manufacturing make television mounts?

Yes, Chief Manufacturing makes TV mounts. They have many different types of mounts for televisions. Including wall mounts, table stands, and swinging wall mounts. Plus several other mounts are available from this company.

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Does samsung make good television sets?

Yes, Samsung is a good TV brand. Everything they make has very good quality, and less malfunctions. Their LED TV's are very vibrant in color, and more sharper.

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