Why did student activism receive so much media attention?

Amiya Cartwright asked a question: Why did student activism receive so much media attention?
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👉 How has social media changed activism?

Since the spark of social media activism with the Trayvon Martin case and the rise of Black Lives Matter, a large movement has taken place to use this medium as a way to spread the word and prompt social justice. Social media has been a great tool to get live news and to plan future events, and it has sparked a whole new generation of activism and people who have identified that they want to make a change.

👉 How do you get media attention?

  1. Build rapport with journalists long before you need them…
  2. Pitch journalists rather than publications…
  3. Target freelance reporters…
  4. Digitize your press releases…
  5. Leverage Twitter…
  6. Stay on top of trends…
  7. Provide background information and visuals to the reporter…
  8. Offer product samples.

👉 How social media affects attention span?

Behaviors such as mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or TikTok while watching a movie are linked to difficulties in remembering things and having interrupted attention spans. Research from Stanford University in California has suggested that such behaviors may affect what is called our episodic memory.

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Student activism received a lot of media attention because they were vocal, they challenged the silent majority, they were willing to question authority in an attention-getting manner, and their protests often ended in violence and disorder.

Student activism receives so much attention because according to human Psychology, students are assumed to be youths; and in the traditional sense of social contract, youths are supposed to be ...

Why did student activism receive so much media attention? because they were vocal because they challenged the silent majority because they were willing to question authority in an attention-getting manner because their protests often ended in violence and disorder all of the above none of the above

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Read the paragraph. in fact, teenagers contribute a great deal to their community. this is another reason why they must be taken into account when public policy is debated. over eighty percent of teens spend time volunteering at their schools and other organizations. this is an example of statistical analysis layering point of view outlining

The activist students of Stoneman Douglas, where 17 people were killed last month, are social media naturals. But it’s not entirely true that they’ve been tweeting all their lives.

A surge of student activism has swept across academia in recent weeks as black students and their allies forcefully call attention to racist climates on American college

The student movement arose at the University of California at Berkeley in 1964, when students involved in civil rights activism chafed at the university’s sudden attempt to prevent them from organizing politically on campus. The Free Speech Movement arose to challenge the university’s restrictions on political speech and assembly.

The movement’s visibility on social media and in the press has created a feedback loop. “Young people are getting so much attention that it draws more young people into the movement,” she says.

“In doing so, I felt it would help educate, mobilize, and inspire people around the world to get involved in activism because many worthy causes need attention, funding, and most important, the ...

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the goverment or the watchdogs

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