Why did so much of the american public support escalation of the war in vietnam?

Kody Farrell asked a question: Why did so much of the american public support escalation of the war in vietnam?
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👉 Was media coverage of the war influential in turning american public opinion against the vietnam war?

yes. up to that time war was thought of as glorious instead of violent. the media uncovered the true cruelty and violence of war.

👉 Are child support cases public record?

  • In many states, including Texas, California and Florida, the specific details included in child support orders are not publicly available. However, anybody may access the county court record to see which child support cases are currently pending and those that are already in place.

👉 Sources of american public opinion include?

mass media, religious, heritage, schools, family

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Sounds like something new. Most "Americans" were against escalation...due to them being drafted to support said escalation.

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What was the relationship between the american media and antiwar protest movements during the vietnam war?

The American media contributed to the growth of antiwar movements by publishing stories describing the horrors of the fighting in Vietnam.

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fiscal policy

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Besides education and family what forces help influence public opinion in american siciety?

The media plays an important role by influencing public opinion in American society.

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The most important influence that Horace Mann had on public education was that education was for everyone, not just those who could afford it. Another influence was to elevate the position of teacher to a profession with a livable wage.

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When was vietnam news agency created?

Vietnam News Agency was created in 1945.

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How did the central powers and the allies try to influence american public opinion?

How did the central powers and allies try to influence American public opinion

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How did the media influence public opinion and conduct of the spanish-american war?

The media influence the public opinion by portraying exaggerated harsh conduct of the Spaniards on the Cubans which created sympath and urge to help Cuba which later on the public pressure influence president Mckinley to declare war

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The power of the media to influence public opinion, and even to provoke an entire movement, was demonstrated recently by the emergence and popularization of the Tea Party. One network aggressively promoted this movement, encouraging viewers to get involved in the movement by providing attendance and organization information such as protest dates, locations, and website URLs.

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