Why did pop art started?

Vince Howell asked a question: Why did pop art started?
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The AD system was not invented until 525 AD, when the Alexandrian monk Dionysius Exiguus was tasked with calculating Easter for the next 95 years or so, and thought that it was horrible that Christians counted years from the ascension of Emperor Diocletian, because Diocletian was kind of a dick towards Christians.

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Chinesee Ppl Started Paper In 100 B.C

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pop art started when a boy was in his room trying to make a card for his mom he cut it up and by mistake made pop art.

Pop art began as a means of subversion of fine and classical art. By including modern images, it acknowledges how pervasive images from pop culture can be. Rather than being a commentary or criticism of pop culture or consumerism, pop art merely includes images from advertising, marketing and several other forms of entertainment as a means of celebrating and acknowledging their far reach in society.

The first application of the term Pop Art occurred during discussions among artists who called themselves the Independent Group (IG), which was part of the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, begun around 1952–53. Pop Art appreciates popular culture, or what we also call “material culture.”

By creating paintings or sculptures of mass culture objects and media stars, the Pop art movement aimed to blur the boundaries between "high" art and "low" culture. The concept that there is no hierarchy of culture and that art may borrow from any source has been one of the most influential characteristics of Pop art.

The pop art movementin its moderns sense started with British artists in London, who began to produce collages and paintings that were inspired by the various aspects of commercial media, especially American comic books, movies, television, and celebrity culture.

Pop Art is art made from commercial items and cultural icons such as product labels, advertisements, and movie stars. In a way, Pop Art was a reaction to the seriousness of Abstract Expressionist Art. Pop Art is meant to be fun. When was the Pop Art movement? Pop Art began in the 1950s, but became very popular in the 1960s.

Pop art started in london in the 1950's because this was after WW2 and artists began to change propaganda and make it mor interesting by changing the colours and style. Artists then started using pop art for everyday objects like soup cans and cars, they also painted celebrities.

Pop Art’s origins, however, can be traced back even further. In 1917, Marcel Duchamp asserted that any object—including his notorious example of a urinal—could be art, as long as the artist intended it as such. Artists of the 1950s built on this notion to challenge.

Pop art was the first movement to declare the reality that advertising and commercial endeavor were actually forms of art. With the advent of pop art, trends and fashions become subsumed into an all-encompassing phenomena that seeks to merge the whole cultural endeavor into a singular aesthetic style.

After World War II, Pop Art emerged as an Art movement in Great Britain and the United States. The contents of Pop Art being the use of borrowed imagery from mass culture-high art mimicking low art. Pop artists would use pornography, advertisements, commercial products, newspaper clippings and comic books as all elements to add to their work.

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