Why did my ad not post on ksl.com?

Madisen Hettinger asked a question: Why did my ad not post on ksl.com?
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Video answer: How to post an ad on craigslist and never get flagged again

How to post an ad on craigslist and never get flagged again

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The usual culprit for an ad not posting: Photos. The root of the problem is how our web server works in conjunction with the browser you are using to place an ad on ksl.com. Another part of the equation is the upload speed of your Internet connection.


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The amount you pay to advertise on LinkedIn is based on the type of activity you are paying for and the ad auction. You will start your campaign by placing a bid when you launch your campaign. LinkedIn ads are sold through the ad auction , where your bid competes with other advertisers who want to reach the same target audience.

Video answer: Craigslist just made it harder to post: how to post ads on craigslist 2018

Craigslist just made it harder to post: how to post ads on craigslist 2018

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The Solution: Optimize your photos before you upload them to ksl.com. This will make the file size smaller, decreasing the chance that your web browser will timeout, causing your ad to not post.

If the ad has already been submitted: 1. Click on "My ads", then click "edit" next to the ad in question, then click "Next Page" to take you to "page 3". 2. Then simply click on the browse button. 3.


It can help you confirm that your Search ad is running without affecting your impressions (which will lower your click-through rate). You can also hover over the speech bubble in the "Status" column of the Ads tab, next to your ad to see more information about its status. If your ad isn't showing, the tool will tell you why and will offer tips to help get your ads up and running.

Once signed into the account used to post the ad, you can see if it is pending by selecting My Ads, and clicking on Inactive. If you’re signed into the same account but still do not see your ad, look in your email for a deletion notice. If your ad was removed, you should see an email that explains the cause.

Classifieds for Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming | ksl.com. Buy and sell items in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Post your items or search through thousands of listings. Skip to content.

Facebook Ads Not Delivering Reason #2: Your Account Spending Limit Has Been Reached. A simple problem that’s easy to forget (and fix!) is exceeding your account’s spending limit. When you’re working inside of Facebook, each and every ad account has an individual spending limit that you can put in place.

Facebook’s unpublished posts, also referred to as “dark” posts, are actively used by advertisers. The “Info & Ads” tool has pulled back the curtain on just how frequently advertisers are utilizing this feature.. Sometimes unpublished posts are intentional, such as cases where advertisers want to test out multiple posts, but without all the ad variations appearing on their page.

If you are seeing zero people reached, your boosted post is not being shown. Your ad may still be in the approval queue, which is especially common if this is your first boosted post. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to duplicate your ad and start over. Note: This sequence can not be performed with the “Boost Post” interface.

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How to post facebook ad as a post on page | how to create page posts from facebook ads

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Get the URL Link of a Facebook Post or Photo

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To sell something in a Facebook buy and sell group: From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select the buy and sell group you'd like to sell something in. Click Sell Something. Enter the details about the item you're selling and click Next. Choose your audience.

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Q&a | video questions

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  • You can do that. How you need to go about this is - go into your ads manager and once you're here go under this menu, all tools, and you will find page posts under create and manage. Here you will find all your published posts, scheduled posts and you would also find ad posts. So these are all the ads you've created in the past.

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