Why cpi is called left?

Aubree Gleason asked a question: Why cpi is called left?
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During its initial years after the split, the party was often referred to by different names such as 'Left Communist Party' or 'Communist Party of India (Left)'. The party has used the name 'Left' because CPI people were dubbed as a rightist in nature for their support of the Congress-Nehru regime.


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From that moment on, political ideology based on egalitarian and secular beliefs began to be termed Left and the ones opposed to this were therefore Conservative or Right. In India, the political parties like CPM/CPI and generally parties professing an ideology based on Marxist principles are called Leftists. Since BJP is

In response the CPI(Left) registered itself as the 'Communist Party of India (Marxist)' with the ECI, and the ECI awarded it the hammer and sickle as its election symbol. The CPI(Left) would henceforth be known as the CPI(M). Background Turbulent years: 1947-1953 Independence of India

The Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) is based on the expenditures of households included in the CPI-U definition that also meet two additional requirements: more than one-half of the household's income must come from clerical or wage occupations, and at least one of the household's earners must have been employed for at least 37 weeks during the previous 12 months.

It is used by economists because often seasonal factors will skew the inflation rate. For instance a drought might cause fruit crops to fail, causing fruit prices to rise. But this rise actually has nothing to do with inflation (i.e. price inflation caused by an increase in the money supply). It is simply a result of the forces of nature.

the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the most comprehensive measure of goods and services price inflation faced by all consumer households; the Selected Living Cost Indexes (SLCIs) are designed to measure changes in living costs for selected population sub-groups.

Politics. 02/May/2021. The CPI (M)-led Left Democratic Front is set to retain power in Kerala, with the trends projecting it as leading or having won at least 94 of the 140 assembly seats. The LDF ...

Why are Communists called leftists? May 1, 2005, 00:48 IST The term 'left wing' originated in the French National Assembly of 1789 where the nobles sat in the place of honour to the right of the ...

Ignoring BJP (but probably not for too long), in Kerala, CPI (M) at the moment is clearly the right - wing by any standards. Police brutality towards the marginalised (as testified by Nalini Jameela in a clearly CPI (M) aligned channel 24 News), Media censoring, Intolerance towards journalists, hypocrisy etc. Pinarayi Vijayan is Narendra Modi with a different story.

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