Who killed zack tv?

Owen Rau asked a question: Who killed zack tv?
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Zack Stoner, the 30-year-old founder of ZackTV1, one of the most popular YouTube channels chronicling black cultural life in Chicago, was shot and killed while driving in the city's South Loop ...

Last week MTO News reported that popular Chicago hood journalist Zack TV was killed. Now one of his friends has been killed also. And the two killings may be related. MTO news learned that Zack's close friend King T Streets was shot & killed yesterday in Chicago. The two worked together on setting up and conduting interviews with hip hop stars in Chicago. Last week people began ACCUSING King T Streets of somehow being involved in Zack's killing. Many prominent Chicago personalities were ...

Zack stoner, the 30 year old founder of zacktv1, one of the most popular channels chronicling black cultural life in chicago, was shot and killed while driving in the city's south loop. Journalist and popular interviewer zack stoner, better known as zack tv has been shot and killed. friends of stoner told local news that he had just left a rap concert prior to the incident. andrew barber, founder of the widely known hip hop blog fake shore drive tweeted: rip zacktv a dope chicago journalist .

Zack tv murder update:DeathThreats(messages)from gang that killed him,News story that got him killed he snitched on known gang members

Zachary Stoner, a YouTube vlogger who ran a popular channel called “Zack TV,” which was considered the “Hood CNN,” was shot and killed in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood on Wednesday, May 30th. Police said the 30-year-old was driving his jeep around 1:30 a.m. when a driver of another vehicle pulled up beside his car and fired a number of shots. Zack was shot in the head and neck before he hit a curb and crashed into a light pole. He was rushed to Northwestern Hospital in critical ...

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Watch the video and you will see who killed zacktv he knew something wasn't right.like subscribe comment follow us on social media @weneed2tlkfuneral arrange. Watch the video and you will see who killed zacktv he knew something wasn't right.like subscribe comment follow us on social media @weneed2tlkfuneral arrange. Zack tv murder update:deaththreats(messages)from gang that killed him,news story that got him killed he snitched on known gang members. Share your videos with friends, family ...

I still wonder to this who killed zacktv. Zack had opps, whoever his hood goontown mmg is at war with is most likely who did it. His opps are wentworth mobb in the 100s they most likely did it. He was in a gang ? i don't think zack was in a gang but his cousin was. zack interviewed his cousin and also put a music video where his cousin was ...

After minutes of this, Zach stepped out. Yet, before he could say a word, he was shot in the chest. Image Credit: KHQ-TV. Owing to the fact that it all happened relatively quickly and near nightfall, the darkness meant that witnesses could only describe Zach’s perpetrator as a white male in his 40s, with a gravelly voice and a scruffy beard ...

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